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Frugal Week Planner for 5 Oct to 11 Oct 2016

There’s a wide range of frugal activities this week for good ol’ family bonding time.

There’s a wonderful mix of activities coming your way, from Oktoberfest, World Space Week, Children’s Day, and Deepavali, to the da:ns festival. It’s also the last week to catch Archifest. Please be reminded that the Frugal Week Planners are just partial listings of upcoming free/frugal events, and there are many other frugal events at community centres, museums, libraries, and parks that are not listed here. And if you know of an event or your organisation wants a shout-out, please comment below.




Frugal Week Planner for 28 Sept to 4 Oct 2016

Let us stay alert, stay strong, and stay united.

It’s another special time of year where our multiculturalism really shines through. Chinatown is lit with lanterns from the Mid-Autumn Festival, Little India is dazzling with lights for Deepavali, and the Malay Heritage Centre will soon be holding the Malay CultureFest. Let us be reminded of what makes us great as a nation, and be vigilant of anybody who tries to harm us by dividing us so that we are unable to stand as one people. Download the SGSecure app to get alerts or to report suspicious activity.




Frugal Week Planner for 21 Sept to 27 Sept 2016

What a historic year it has been for our athletes and our nation.

Congratulations to swimmers Yip Pin Xiu and Theresa Goh, and to the rest of the amazing athletes who represented Team Singapore. There will be a grand homecoming for them this Saturday morning, as 13 athletes return from the Paralympic Games in Rio. The procession will start at the ActiveSG Sengkang Sports Centre and end at VivoCity. This has been such a historic year for our athletes as well as our nation. To be honest, I thought SG51 would be anticlimatic; boy was I wrong!




Frugal Week Planner for 14 Sept to 20 Sept 2016

Where can you view the Singapore Grand Prix without a ticket?

The Singapore Grand Prix is here again, and while you may not want to splurge on actual tickets, you can join in on the celebration (see below for a free F1 Party) and go for free viewings at non-ticketed spectating spots. The Mid Autumn Festival is also this week (15 Sept) so if you haven’t seen the beautifully lit streets and nightly shows, participated in a mass lantern procession, or gazed upon the moon lately, you’ll have another chance this week.




Frugal Week Planner for 7 Sept to 13 Sept 2016

eid adha
We all can celebrate Hari Raya Haji with thoughts & reflection, remembering the sacrifices of our forefathers.

The school holidays are here, as there are many family-friendly activities this week. Please be reminded that the events listed in the Frugal Week Planner are just a partial listing, and that there are many free & frugal events happening elsewhere, including at libraries, parks, museums, community centres, and (during the school holidays) in shopping malls. We can also look forward to a 3-day weekend as we celebrate Hari Raya Haji, a time of prayer, reflection, and remembering the sacrifices of others which has allowed us to live with modern-day comforts and conveniences.


Frugal Week Planner for 31 Aug to 6 Sept 2016

mid autumn festival singapore
The Chinatown Mid-Autumn Light-up is this Saturday.

The Hungry Ghost Festival ends today, while the Mid-Autumn Festival begins this week with the Opening Ceremony and Light-up on Saturday at 7pm. The first (of 3) collection dates for the Connected Threads Clothing Swap is also this week. With the September school holidays just around the corner, check out some of these frugal events:


Frugal Week Planner for 24 Aug to 30 Aug 2016

singapore night festival
This weekend is the last weekend to catch the 2016 Singapore Night Festival.

As PM Lee mentioned in his National Day Rally, we live in a time of disruption coupled with slow economic growth. There are many threats to our lives, to our jobs, and to our nation, but also many opportunities to be discovered in this rapidly changing environment. Because of the uncertainty and softening of the economy, it is especially a good time to practice frugality. As usual, there are many frugal events this week to enjoy. They are listed below. As a reminder, this is just a partial listing of free/frugal events happening this week. There are many other frugal events at CCs, museums, libraries, and parks that are not listed here. And if you know of an event and want a shout-out, please comment below.


Frugal Week Planner for 17 Aug to 23 Aug 2016

What’s next after Singapore’s first Olympic gold medal? 
(Photo by Voxsports Voxer)

Let’s celebrate as #OneTeamSG for not only Joseph Schooling’s historic achievement, but all the Olympic athletes who are representing this nation and inspiring athleticism in our next generation. Over the last 5 years, it seems there has been a shift in focus to not just academic/educational achievements but also to achievements in the arts and sports, which is remarkable since these have been drastically cut in the United States during the same time period. Maybe PM Lee will reaffirm this forcus during the National Day Rally on 21 Aug (Sunday). Regardless, there’s been a trend in developing skills and talents in fields that are not strictly academic, and the effort, manpower, and funding put into it is beginning to pay off. There’s also been more diversity in events and activities, as you’ll see in this week’s frugal week planner:


Frugal Week Planner for 10 Aug to 16 Aug 2016

ndp flag
Let’s not take our safety for granted, as we strive for unity and peace.

While you’re taking a break from hunting Pokemons or relaxing after the NDP celebrations, check out some of the frugal events coming to you this week. Although Films at the Fort (11 Aug – 21 Aug) and the Epicurean Market (12 Aug -14 Aug) are also this week, I thought I would just mention them here but not highlight them below as there are less expensive (and more frugal) ways to enjoy a movie and meal. I also wanted to mention the Unity & Peace Concert happening on Saturday, 13 August, considering last week’s rocket threat which reminded all of us how we should not take our safety for granted.


Frugal Week Planner for 3 Aug to 9 Aug 2016

hungry ghost
Today is the beginning of the 7th month Hungry Ghost Festival.
(Photo by grungemann)

There’s so much going on from now all the way to National Day, from the one-north Festival (which concludes the Singapore Science Festival), to Pesta Raya, Get Active! Singapore, and various National Day celebrations. Today is also the beginning of the Hungry Ghost Festival, as you are likely to find offerings scattered alongside the streets. Don’t forget to cheer on our fellow Singaporean athletes who are representing us at the Summer Olympics in Rio (starting 5 Aug). As a reminder, this is just a partial listing of free/frugal events happening this week. As National Day approaches, many neighbourhoods and CCs will be organising their own free/frugal events. There will also be a lot of free and fun activities at parks, museums, and other public spaces (too many to list here) so there’s plenty of ways to celebrate as we approach our nation’s birthday!