Get Unlimited Rides on the Cable Car & Sentosa Express with the Faber Licence

Two lines, unlimited rides, unlimited entry to Sentosa – one price.

If you haven’t yet taken a ride on the Sentosa Line, the new intra-island cable car service that connects Siloso Point to Merlion Plaza, now’s a good time to try it. For just $39 (or $135 for a family of 4), you can get unlimited rides on both cable car lines (Mount Faber Line & Sentosa Line) for an entire year. That’s just $6 more than the usual price for a one-time ticket to ride both lines. It also includes entry fees into Sentosa (U.P. $1 by foot, $4 by the Sentosa Express monorail) and a whole host of privileges: (more…)

Have Your Own Home Hair Party Instead of Going to Yun Nam, Svenson, Beijing 101, and Trichokare

hair party
Save lots of $$$ by doing your own at-home hair treatments.

Before moving here (5 years ago), the concept of a hair spa was totally foreign to me. I would say that hair spas or hair treatment centres aren’t places most Americans regularly visit or even know exist (at least I didn’t). Yet I was curious and decided to try out a “free offer” from one of the 4 hair treatment centres. I knew before even stepping foot inside their shop that they were going to find something wrong with my hair (that of course, is how they make money). My purpose in going was not for a diagnosis; it was to see what they do, whether I can replicate their treatment at home, and whether my treatment could match theirs. Here are my results: (more…)

Comparison of Foodpanda vs Deliveroo vs UberEATS – plus a $10 promo code for FREE food

Uber now delivers more than just passengers.

For several years, Foodpanda had somewhat of a monopoly in the food delivery service sector in Singapore. Now, it has to compete with Deliveroo (which came on board late last year) and with UberEATS, the new kid on the block, which started a few months ago. These 3 food delivery services make it so that we can save time and perhaps even some money (when we use offer codes and coupons such as the one below) without queuing or traveling long distances in the rain, all while satisfying our food cravings at home or in the office. There are several notable differences among the 3 service providers, even though they perform essentially the same task. I’ve summarised their differences in the graph below:


How to Have a Successful Financial Wealth Building Seminar

What do typical wealth seminars and Donald Trump rallies have in common? They depend on what Nietzsche refers to as the “madness of groups”.

Every week, there are tons of “free” seminars in Singapore on topics such as wealth creation, investing, properties, starting online businesses, stock picking, or other passive income generating techniques. Nearly all these seminars follow the same formula. Here’s what they have in common: (more…)

8 Ways to SAVE on Public Transport in Singapore

Make the most of your travel using these money saving tips.
(Photo by daarwasik)

Taking public transport is indeed a much, much cheaper option than owning and driving a car or taking a taxi, but there are definitely ways to make travel even cheaper. An often overlooked means of reducing public transport cost is the use of transfers and planning your route so that you stay within the between-transfer time limit (45 min). I use this method a lot when I’m running errands or going to events, and it saves me 30-50%. Below is an infographic that I’ve developed that lists 8 ways to save on public transport costs, with links to each of the various schemes and programmes so that you can read about them more in detail. (more…)

Your REAL Rental Yield in Singapore is likely ZERO

Have you been fooled with 3 – 4% rental yields, when actual yields are really 0?
Photo by Ken Teegardin

Here’s the story/scenario that property agents or financial advisors tell you to convince you that investing speculating on a condo in Singapore to get rental income is always a smart thing to do. “If you buy a condo, then rent it to a ready and willing expat tenant, he/she will pay rent that will cover your mortgage payments and even give you some extra pocket money, and after the term of the loan (usually 25 or 30 years), the home will be yours free because the tenant will have paid it off for you all in passive income.” The story is often followed by the speaker giving you a wide-eye/gaping mouth look that suggests, “everyone is doing this, this is the only way to get rich, and you would be a complete fool if you don’t do it too.” Here’s where they’re wrong: (more…)

Free Cervical Cancer Screenings Until the End of this Month

singapore cancer run
Singapore Cancer Society’s Race Against Cancer Run helps to raise funds to provide free services.
(Photo by RunSociety)

The Singapore Cancer Society, through its Women’s Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Campaign, has partnered with more than 160 GPs island-wide to provide free Pap smears until 31 July to female Singaporeans and PRs age 25 to 69 who have not had a Pap smear in the last 3 years. For a list of participating clinics, please see here. (more…)

Improve Your Quality of Life & Get Heart Healthy for just $4

The Singapore Heart Foundation offers subsidised heart wellness programmes.

If you have heart disease or any medical conditions that puts you at risk for it (e.g., diabetes, high blood pressure, high lipids, BMI > 23, smoker), you can get physiotherapy consultations and exercise sessions all at a subsidised rate of only $4, as part of the Singapore Heart Foundation’s Cardiac Rehabilitation & Heart Wellness Programme. This includes use of their gym facilities, free nutrition counselling, free blood glucose monitoring during the session (if you have diabetes), and invitations to health talks and other events. After paying the one-time enrollment fee of $20, each and every time you visit their centre, you pay just $4. Compared to a typical physiotherapy session, which can cost more than $100, or a typical gym membership, $4 per entry is an absolute bargain! (more…)

Avoid Financial Planners Wearing Cartier, Birkin, Hermes, Burberry, or Other Luxury Brands

Should financial planners be dressed like socialites?
(Photo by Jonathan Mueller)

People seek the advice of financial planners because they want to make better financial decisions and improve their financial situation. But I believe the most important decision they make is whom they engage to be their financial planner. Some may seek a financial planner based on a friend’s recommendation, but if you don’t personally know someone in the industry, it’s easy to fall into the trap of choosing a person who “looks like a million bucks” thinking that they will be your best bet. Why is this a very bad idea? (more…)

Get a Health Screening (and $50 of CapitaLand Vouchers) for Only $15

Orange Health Screening
Stay healthy and get rewarded.

Staying healthy is not easy. We live in a society in which unhealthy food is quite abundant and ubiquitous, and often viewed and used as a reward (e.g., birthday cakes, celebration treats, etc.), and a sedentary lifestyle is the norm and is also rewarded (e.g., office desk job). But here’s a reward that actually encourages healthy behaviours. The Orange Health Screening by NTUC Income offers a basic health screening (BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, and fasting blood glucose level) for just $15, and if your results are within a healthy range and you are currently under NTUC IncomeShield or Enhanced IncomeShield, you can get a $50 CapitaLand voucher. (more…)