Taking a Break from Blogging

It’s been 5 and a half years since I started Frugal in Singapore. Let me just say that I’m so grateful to all those who supported me throughout this journey. But much has changed online and in the blogosphere. Blogging has become less about sharing, and more about making money through sponcon, product placements and online content marketing. And that’s just not for me. So I feel it’s time to take a break from blogging. At least for a few months. Maybe longer.


What’s So Wrong with Being Average?

During a hackathon competition, I met a mathematician/programmer who was a recent grad. He was talented and a hard worker, though a bit socially awkward. While we were sharing details about ourselves, he said to the group, “By the time I am 25, I will be the founder of a company, or will have achieved something exceptionally great. Otherwise, I will feel that I have failed my mentors.” My mind immediately came up with this equation: Disappointment = Reality – Expectations. (more…)

Why You Should Welcome Bad Luck

In the modern world, we’re always wishing others “good luck”. Especially in Asian cultures, where superstitions run deep. When I was born, I was given the nickname “unlucky child” because of my untimely birth. Not only was I premature by a month (making me weaker and more sickly than other children), I was told that my birth was the cause of my parent’s divorce (this was a lie, but I didn’t know it until I was an adult). “You are bad luck,” my grandmother would say. But is bad luck or being “unlucky” always a bad thing?  (more…)

Get Free Trials & Samples from the Sample Store

With all the sponcon out there, you never really know whether a product review was genuine or a paid endorsement. Buying and trying products yourself can be very expense, not to mention wasteful. That’s why I like to use sample portions when deciding on new products. But you don’t want to get just random samples; you want samples you’d actually use. That’s why I like “shopping” at the Sample Store. (more…)

Useful & Free Online Aircon Courses to Check Out

In hot and humid Singapore, having an air-conditioner is absolutely essential. When you rent a condo/HDB unit in Singapore, you are required (by contract) to hire an aircon servicing company for quarterly maintenance. But when you own your home, it’s easy to forget to maintain your aircon units. This might be why aircon units in rentals tend to last a bit longer than aircon units in owner-occupied homes.