Where can you get discount contact lenses and a FREE eye exam?

I started wearing contacts a little more than a decade ago. It was at that time that lots of online shops for contacts started appearing in the US. Besides convenience, buying online was also less expensive, but when I moved here, I was surprised that very few people purchased their contacts online (only about 5% in Singapore, as compared to 50% in the States). Seechic, a new online eyewear store, wants to change this and bring you the same convenience and savings as I got from when I was living in the US. But they take it one step further – they give you a FREE eye checkup!

Free Eye Exams
Seechic is the first online business in Singapore to offer free eye checkups from a professional optometrist. They have even partnered with some companies and will bring their mobile services to your workplace or even to your home. This can be especially helpful to those who have impaired mobility. How often are you supposed to have your eyes checked? In the States, insurance will cover you for one checkup per year. In Singapore, checkups are also recommended on an annual basis, though few people actually do it. I’m guilty myself, that is, until I heard about Seechic and went to see them for a free eye exam. I was able to update my prescription and even get some tips on reducing eye strain and fatigue. The checkup itself is a bit different than the ones you’d get from a traditional optometrist office. They don’t use a big clunky phoropter. Instead, they use a portable trial lens set, which is just as reliable and feels more natural. Their exam focuses mostly on determining your visual acuity and general eye health. They typically won’t do a pressure test, dilate your eyes, or look at your optic nerve. For most people who just want to know their prescription and make sure their eyes are healthy enough for contacts, I think what Seechic does is more than adequate; however, if you have problems with your eyes, have health conditions that may affect the health of your eyes (like diabetes), or want a more thorough exam, you will need to visit an opthamologist, a doctor who can diagnose and treat eye diseases, prescribe medications or perform eye surgery.

How their Prices Compare
Compared to other contact lens shops in Singapore (including online shops that are based in Singapore), as of this publication date, Seechic has the lowest prices (up to 30% off!). They are able to keep their prices low because their operation costs are lower than traditional brick and mortar shops, and they pass those savings on to you. You can find other shops online (based elsewhere, such as GlassesOnline which operates out of Malaysia) that offer cheaper contact lenses, but unlike Seechic, these shops will not give you a free checkup or verify that your lens is right for you. A few years back, HSA had a few cases of contaminated lenses being sold over the internet. Seechic guarantees their products are authentic and what little extra you might be paying to Seechic versus another online retailer goes toward that assurance. When I spoke to their Head of Marketing, he said, “We strictly follow all the rules and regulations of Singapore, and our primary concern is your eye health, so we do everything we can to ensure that the lenses and the prescriptions are checked properly.” They also have branded sunglasses that are cheaper than retail shops. All your orders qualify for free shipping with the option to collect from SingPost POPStations islandwide. Their shop is also extremely easy to navigate and to make purchases. With just a few clicks, you can book an exam or purchase lenses/sunglasses. You also get free returns if you’re not satisfied. Our nation has one of the highest rates of myopia in the world. Surprisingly, many people neglect their eye health or take it for granted, even though most people list it as one of the top things they never want to lose (many people say they’d rather lose all their wealth than their vision). So why not take this opportunity to visit Seechic for a free eye exam. They’re located right next to the Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. If you’re interested in prescription glasses, please see my review of Zenni Optical, where you can get prescription glasses for as low as USD $7.

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