How would you like to have Cheryl Wee, Sheila Sim, and Andrea Chong as your personal stylist? You might be thinking that you can’t afford their styling services, but with The Heart Bazaar, you can afford their outfits. And not only can you look good, you can also save money and feel good too. Why? Because by buying their gently-used outfits, you’re helping to fund charitable organisations like EmancipAction, VIVA Foundation for Children with Cancer, and The Soup Kitchen Project. 


What is The Heart Bazaar?

The Heart Bazaar is a social enterprise online fashion store that opened in January of this year. They sell second-hand clothing and off-season brand new clothing. As part of their “Changing Room” series, they also work with influential celebrities and fashion models, who donate their wardrobe items to be sold on The Heart Bazaar’s online store.

They also have a store page on Shopee, called The Heart Bazaar Market Place or THBmarketplace.

All sales proceeds go to fund select non-profit organisations and charities. Your purchases may be used to fund meals for the needy, cancer research, animal shelters, and anti-human trafficking organisations. You can also contribute by donating your pre-loved trendy items to them.

But not only is their mission to support charitable causes, they also wish to reduce fashion waste. Their motto is “By giving second-hand clothing a second chance, you are doing your part to reduce carbon footprint and supporting sustainable fashion”.


How to Dress Like a Celebrity

Many celebrities have a great sense of style (or consult with great stylists). Either way, to dress like them might mean shelling out a ton of money. But with The Heart Bazaar, you can buy outfits that they themselves have worn. Some are one-of-a-kind. Some they’ve worn on television sets or to attend amazing events. They ensure that all clothes sold through The Heart Bazaar are of “like-new” quality. 

Here are some examples of Celebrity Wardrobes.

From Cheryl Wee’s closet:

From Dr. Kellyn Shiau’s closet:

From Tricia Ong’s closet:


Some Thoughts

I’ve been shopping at thrift stores since my early teens. So I’m always heartened to support a thrift store, especially one that is non-profit, benefits charities, encourages value-consciousness, and raises awareness of sustainability in our fashion choices.

As a new startup, The Heart Bazaar’s inventory is rather small. But I like how they teamed up with celebrities and social influencers, and made their shop accessible online and through Shopee. I hope that in the future, their inventory grows and will also include fashion for men and children.

When I reflect back on my purchases and spending habits throughout my life, I have several moments of buyer’s remorse. That is, times when I regret buying something that was too expensive, not as useful as I thought, not what I really needed, in bad taste, or under the influence of others. But never have I once regretted a purchase from a thrift shop, even if the item didn’t end up fitting me. That’s because I know that my money went to a good cause.

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