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Fitness centres are great, but they come with a high price tag.

Gym memberships in Singapore usually cost over $150 a month. People tell me that they feel it’s too high a price to pay for health. But that assumes you can’t achieve good health in a less expensive way. Here’s how I do it without an expensive gym membership:


Cheap Alternatives to Buying a Gym Membership

1. Workout videos: There are many workout videos that are available free on the internet. Most of them require only a few pieces of equipment (some free weights or resistance bands). Some don’t require anything at all, and you use your own body weight as resistance. Here are a few of my favorites sites where you’ll find a whole range of videos from pilates to high intensity workouts:

The Fitness Blender Collection:

The Lionsgate BeFit Collection:

For videos that are more specific to our demographic, here are some from the Health Promotion Board’s Fitness Channel HealthMeTV:


2. The stairwell & exercise stations at HDBs: With all the highrises here, I decided to give vertical running a try. If you haven’t tried it already, I would highly recommend it. If you feel giddy at any point, you can always step out and take the lift.

It’s incredible how much of a workout you can get out of it, especially on your legs and glutes. Depending on what type of workout you want, you can run in intervals (like I do), or take it slow and steady all the way up.

I also used the exercise stations at the HDBs. They are surprisingly vacant in the evenings when the weather is nice and cool. Though most of the “cardio” equipment there won’t give you an intense workout, you can always turn in up a notch by adding your own free weights and resistance bands. I especially like using the parallel bars there. There are a lot of great exercises one can do with just two bars. I also use them to hang upside down for some inversion therapy, without the cost of an expensive inversion machine.


3. Health Promotion Boards’s Sunrise in the City Program: The Health Promotion Board has partnered with several gyms in the CBD to provide free classes and use of their facilities. Click here for dates and registration details. Many of the gyms will give you an hour after your class to leave their premises. If you have some time and don’t have to shower and leave immediately for work, why not take some time to make use of their equipment and facilities?


**** Though technically not free, I wanted to include the following as cheaper options: ****

4. ClubFITT Gyms: Managed by the Singapore Sports Council, these gyms only charge a small fee for entry ($2.50 for adults, $1.50 for students/seniors). Click here for their location and hours. They have some basic gym equipment, which should be adequate for the majority of people. Even in the unlikely event a person were to visit this gym every day, it would still be cheaper and more flexible than getting a gym membership elsewhere.


5. Purchasing Workout Videos: Personally, I have a few sets of workout videos on my computer that I purchased (second-hand, of course). You can buy workout videos online through craigslist, gumtree, or any other classified ad site. But if you prefer to buy from a shop, and don’t mind rummaging through a pile of DVDs, you can get workout videos for $1-$3 at Cash Converters (one of my favorite second-hand shops).


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