An affordable Food Haven in the West with a buffet under $15 nett.

As a nation, we have a reputation of being a food haven. But unlike many of the other food havens in the world, while you can find very exotic and expensive restaurants here, you can also find plenty of quality inexpensive and affordable restaurants – and you don’t have to sacrifice variety – at least not at Food Haven (the restaurant). Aptly named, this restaurant has an affordable a la carte menu that is very popular and serves huge, generous portions. On top of that, they also have a very affordable weekday and Sunday buffet ($12.80+, $14.80+; no GST). So why don’t more people know about it? It’s a bit hidden, as it is located at the Staff Centre of Singapore Polytechnic, but it is open to the public.

As you may know from previous posts, since the vast majority of my meals are homemade, whenever my husband and I do go out, we like to go to buffets simply for the variety as it’s just not very practical to cook a huge spread when we’re at home. Buffets, however, can vary in price and variety, especially the ones in hotels, whose price can be one order of magnitude more expensive! So we’re always on the lookout for cheaper options.

Food Haven is definitely a good find. They have a sufficient variety of food – 4 choices of protein (beef, chicken, fish, and tofu), 3 choices of finger foods (chicken nuggets, spring rolls, and dumplings), 2 choices of vegetables, 3 types of fruits, 2 types of cakes, a noodle & soup station, a salad station, an ice kachang station, and an ice cream station. For beverages they have coffee, tea, and water which are all included in the buffet. The service is also very good. Here are some photos from my visit.


At the end of the month, they also have a special BBQ Lunch Buffet ($16.80+), which they usually hold on the last Friday of the month (for December, a special Christmas BBQ will be on December 11th). This special lunch buffet is also quite popular, and is often sold out in advance. But they do take phone reservations, and as of my visit last week, there were still seats available. You can still make a booking for the Nov 27th BBQ Lunch Buffet by calling them at 6778 3622.

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