Budget-friendly buffets, all priced around $15 or less!

While these buffets may not have the same variety that a buffet at a five-star hotel would have, you can still find great food and a decent spread, all without breaking the bank. And you won’t need a voucher or a 1-for-1 credit card promotion. These buffets are all around $15 or less. Compared to “The Line” at Shangri-La or “Carousel” at Royal Plaza, where you’ll have to spend 4x the amount. But is the food there really 4x better?

Chinese & Vegetarian Buffets at around $15

1. Irvin’s Seafood ($12 nett, lunch only)(closed): Located across from the Lower Peirce Reservoir, this buffet offers seafood (as the name suggests) with a menu that changes daily. One nice thing about Irvin’s is that you can view their menu days or weeks in advance. My husband and I like coming here on weekends. It’s usually not busy and we’ve never had to make a reservation. After we finish our meal, we can enjoy some time together at Lower Peirce Reservoir or at Bishan Park, as both are within walking distance.



2. Hotpot Culture’s porridge buffet ($10.35 nett, lunch only): This place, on the other hand, can get quite busy. Their porridge buffet includes sweet potato porridge along with 24 accompanying dishes and free-flow barley drink. Some of their dishes change from day to day, but most remain the same. But if you get tired of their usual offerings, they do have (at an additional cost) an a la carte buffet as well as a steamboat buffet, which includes an extensive number of cooked dishes and/or steamboat items.



3. Graces Court ($15.40 nett on weekdays; $16.50 nett on weekends)(closed): This vegetarian buffet has won over some die-hard carnivores (like Angry Jaz). In addition to their buffet spread, you can also order from their a la carte menu, both of which change daily. There are a lot of mock meat dishes, finger food, as well as your typically leafy green stir fries. Their space is a bit tight, so if you have a larger group, I would recommend making a reservation.

vegetarian buffet at gtrace's courta la carte menu at graces court


4. Quality Cafe ($15.05 nett Monday through Thursday, supper only): For night owls and those working late, this supper buffet starts from 10:30pm and goes till 12:30am. Since I’m an early riser, I have never had the chance to have supper there. But I’ve had lunch there. They frequently run promotions on their web site, and I was there recently for a 4-for-3 weekday lunch buffet, which came out to be $16.60 nett per person. Their lunch buffet had a lot of variety, including many seafood dishes.


For other cuisines, such as Indian, Korean, and Western food, there are also inexpensive buffets. You can find them in the next article.


[NOTE: You probably noticed that unlike the vast majority of the Singapore food blogs out there, this one does not rate (nor even mention) the quality of the food. This is because I don’t consider myself a critic or food connoisseur. I figure that other people put in time and effort in making the food. And I’m just grateful that I am able to dine out once in a while and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labour. And besides, everyone has different tastes. Who am I to say what is a “must-try” for someone else.]


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