Buying and selling on Carousell is easy peasy. To snap a photo, upload, and sell an item takes mere minutes. Chatting, negotiating, and making an offer is also quite effortless. And up till recently, Carousell has had the reputation of the go-to app shop for pre-owned electronics, used household goods, pre-loved clothes, and all things surplus or second-hand. But now they have added vehicles to their ever-growing marketplace, and it’s worth checking out.


About Carousell Motors

Now, in addition to SGCarMart and STCars (both owned by SPH), you can buy, sell, and deal direct through Carousell Motors, via the desktop or mobile app. Like Carousell, the user-interface is clean, easy to navigate, and free of clutter. Buyers can search by make, model or dealers. Or search using quick filters for financing options and car depreciation, which is unique to their platform. They also have a useful loan calculator on their site.

For sellers, just as you would “snap, list and sell” on Carousell, you can do the same on Carousell Motors, except that listing a vehicle takes a bit longer (about 1 day), since vehicle information, such as registration date and COE expiry, must be first verified and authenticated. Also, car sellers have to pay a small fee to list. But they still save a bundle if you compare this to paying an agent fee. And like the Carousell app, the Carousell Motors app comes with a handy messaging feature. And users can chat directly with verified individual owners and dealerships.

In addition, all listings on Carousell Motors will also be available on Carousell’s general classifieds marketplace under the “Cars” section, where you can also rent cars or buy & sell car-related items or services.

Here’s a sample of the listings found on Carousell Motors.


Why a Dedicated Site/App?

There’s already a “Cars” section on Carousell, but the founders thought that having “a dedicated app for serious car buyers will give them a more personalised and breezier car shopping experience, and bring greater value to our community,” said Siu Rui Quek, Co-founder and CEO of Carousell. So they created one. You can download the Carousell Motors app from the App Store for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android, and visit their website for more information.


My Experience with Carousell

I have to admit that I came to know Carousell a bit late in the game (I had been using Craigslist and Gumtree). But since last year, I’ve sold many items on Carousell, from sports equipment to concert tickets, even some items that had been listed on Gumtree for months. Carousell is by far, the most popular mobile classifieds marketplace. It has over 57 million (!!!) listings, and is in 19 cities including Hong Kong and Taiwan. It’s no wonder that it was awarded Google Play Best Local (Singapore) App in 2016. Listing an item is really as simple as it sounds, and so far (finger crossed), I’ve never had a bad experience. Generally, all the buyers were sincere and showed up in the right place at the right time. My most memorable experience was selling $40 worth of Under Armour vouchers. I’ve never had so many muscly guys message me at once. I know they were just interested in the vouchers, but for a moment, I felt like “the bachelorette”. 🙂

I don’t have a car to sell, but if I ever consider buying one, I would definitely use Carousell Motors as my go-to marketplace. Here’s a recent TODAY article on what to look for when buying a used car.

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