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Quandoo Makes Restaurant Bookings Easy and Rewarding – Here’s a $15 Code

Making restaurant reservations via phone is something I try to avoid. I can’t tell you how many times people misspell my name (seriously, who would name their child String?), make errors notating the reservation, answer the phone with “jiang huayu, keyi ma?” (translation: “can you speak Mandarin?”), or don’t even answer the phone at all. With Quandoo, a restaurant booking app and web portal, I can make a reservation online or through their app at any time and I am even rewarded points for each booking I make and attend. I could then redeem these points for cash. (more…)

The Cheapest Buffets in Singapore ($10 and Under)!

A round up of all the best-value buffets in Singapore.
A round up of all the best-value buffets in Singapore.

I’ve been asked to update the list of buffets priced at or below $10 so here it is. Since that previous post first appeared 2 years ago, some restaurants have closed, one has rebranded itself, while new ones have appeared. There are a lot of people who value quality over quantity, and probably would not find these places “acceptable”. But having grown up in poverty (I was on public assistance for school meals), I appreciate that there are still low-price choices for filling you up. The following list is in alphabetical order: (more…)

Comparison of Foodpanda vs Deliveroo vs UberEATS – plus a $10 promo code for FREE food

Uber now delivers more than just passengers.

For several years, Foodpanda had somewhat of a monopoly in the food delivery service sector in Singapore. Now, it has to compete with Deliveroo (which came on board late last year) and with UberEATS, the new kid on the block, which started a few months ago. These 3 food delivery services make it so that we can save time and perhaps even some money (when we use offer codes and coupons such as the one below) without queuing or traveling long distances in the rain, all while satisfying our food cravings at home or in the office. There are several notable differences among the 3 service providers, even though they perform essentially the same task. I’ve summarised their differences in the graph below: (more…)

Where You Can Get a Free Lunch

butter naan
Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but the man behind Free Famous Food disagrees. Free Famous Food is a voucher site where you can get 100%-free meals. There are absolutely no gimmicks, no up selling and no hard selling, and the partner restaurants don’t serve you old, rotten, or “experimental” food. The restaurants will give you actual food items in the same portion and description that is on their menu. You’re probably thinking (as I was), how are they able to do this and where can I sign up? I’ll go into more details and also share my own personal experience with a couple of the restaurants I’ve tried. (more…)