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Best Kept Secret: A Food Haven that is Affordable

An affordable Food Haven in the West with a buffet under $15 nett.

As a nation, we have a reputation of being a food haven. But unlike many of the other food havens in the world, while you can find very exotic and expensive restaurants here, you can also find plenty of quality inexpensive and affordable restaurants – and you don’t have to sacrifice variety – at least not at Food Haven (the restaurant). Aptly named, this restaurant has an affordable a la carte menu that is very popular and serves huge, generous portions. On top of that, they also have a very affordable weekday and Sunday buffet ($12.80+, $14.80+; no GST). So why don’t more people know about it? It’s a bit hidden, as it is located at the Staff Centre of Singapore Polytechnic, but it is open to the public.


Are You on Board with iMOB? Well, Why Not?

Another group buying shop with extraordinary deals.

You’ve probably heard of Groupon and Deal Ensogo, but another group buying & daily deals site that you might not be as familiar with is the iMOB Shop, which is actually an acronym for “I’m on Board”. This e-commerce shop is part of SMRT Investment (yes, the same SMRT that transports you around this island). This daily deals site launched just last year, and since then, has been gaining popularity. (more…)

Where to Find a Meal for Under $1

Want to know which hawkers keep prices low despite rising costs? Now there’s an easy way to search for them.

Ever wanted to know which places offer the cheapest Chicken Rice, Wanton Mee, or Laksa? Now you can easily find your nearest budget hawker dishes with the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) pilot online directory. The ministry database includes food items and prices from 103 hawker centres from the second quarter of this year. (more…)

Cheap Salad Bar Buffets that Serve More than Just Salad

These salad bar buffets cost nearly as much as a single order of salad from a traditional salad shop or restaurant.

I’ve previously covered Javier’s Rotisserie & Salad Bar and Earle Swensen’s Salad Bar Buffets in earlier posts, but just to recap, you can get a main plus their unlimited salad bars starting at $14.90 nett (Javier’s) and $15.50++ (Earle Swensen’s) as part of their promotional weekday set lunches. Their salad buffet alone costs $11.90 nett (Javier’s on weekdays only) and $15.90++ (Earle Swensen’s daily usual pirce). Recently, two additional salad bar buffets opened near my home, and not only do they have more variety than Javier’s and Earle Swensen’s, but they are offering incredibly affordable opening deals. (more…)

SG50 Freebies & Discounts for Seniors 50 and Above

SG50 senior
Dining, entertainment, wellness, and staycation discounts for seniors.

Around this time of year when Singapore celebrates her birthday, many restaurants and retailers also give discounts to those who were born in the same year and are the same age as our nation. Since this is a golden jubilee year, the discounts are even more substantial and have been extended to all seniors age 50 and above (with some terms and conditions). So if you’re a senior, you’re in for some awesome treats! (more…)

Save 50% when Dining Off-Peak

Just how much can you save if you wait an hour to take your lunch? How about 50%?

Just like you’re incentivised to travel at off-peak hours, you can get discounts (as much as 50% off!) from many restaurants to dine at off-peak hours through a new reservation platform called Eatigo. Their motto is “connecting empty stomachs with empty tables”. They currently have more than 100 partner restaurants and their database is growing. Here are some other nice features about this new reservation platform: (more…)

Why Now is the Best Time to Visit Hotpot Culture

The least expensive buffet in Singapore.

It’s been a couple months since the rat incident at Hotpot Culture, and despite NEA lifting its suspension last month and the restaurant lowering its daily lunch porridge buffet to just $6.80++ ($8 nett), the crowds have not yet returned…. but I think this is the best time to visit the restaurant. Here are 5 reasons why: (more…)

Would You Dumpster Dive in Singapore?

wet market waste
Food waste at the wet market on the eve of Chinese New Year.

So. Much. Waste. According to the NEA, food waste makes up approximately 10% of the total waste in Singapore. Around Chinese New Year, with all the reunions and celebrations centered around food and the dinner table, I would imagine that this rate goes up. We’re indeed privileged to live in a society in which food, for the most part, is plentiful and its abundance can often be taken for granted. (more…)

Cheap Salad Bar Buffet at Shallots

an affordable salad bar buffet

It always bothered me that a decent satisfying salad with quality fixings would typically cost much more than a sandwich or burger. There are some salad shops in Singapore that are well-priced, but many will fill your plate with leafy greens, that take up a lot of volume, yet they’ll skimp on the toppings. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for an affordable salad bar buffet where I get to choose what I put in my salad and have the option to then go back for more of those leafy greens. (more…)