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Budget-friendly Buffets in Singapore – Part 1: Chinese & Vegetarian Cuisine

Budget-friendly buffets, all priced around $15 or less!

While these buffets may not have the same offerings or variety that a buffet at a five-star hotel would have, you can still find great food, decent variety, and be able to have your fill without breaking the bank. You won’t need a voucher or a 1-for-1 credit card promotion, as these buffets are all around $15 or less. For some other buffets, such as “The Line” at Shangri-La or “Carousel” at Royal Plaza, you will have to spend three to four times the amount, but that doesn’t usually result in three to four times better quality in food.


How to Find the Best Dining Deals using Voucher Sites

Dining deals are everywhere if you look for them.

When dining out, my husband and I usually take advantage of 1-for-1 deals (through credit cards or membership cards like NTUC and SAFRA) or group buying vouchers sites, such as Groupon SG and Deal. Other sites I’ve purchased from include StreetDeal, Voucherlicious, and SuperDeals by InSing. For the past 5 years, I’ve used over 200 voucher deals, including some when I travel back to the States (Groupon and Living Social are popular there). Not every deal is a good value (most in my opinion are not), and there are many in which you have to pay very close attention to the fine print (some will charge additional GST, service, and other compulsory fees; some will restrict dining hours, days, and menu items; and nearly all of them will have expiration dates). There are a lot of advantages to buying dining or even activity vouchers through these sites. Besides the cost savings (usually around 50%), using vouchers has made it easier for me to plan on where we dine on the weekends, we’re always trying new and different cuisines, and it often takes us to new places that we’d never knew existed. It gets us out of our comfort zone, leads us to discover other interesting shops, restaurants, parks, and neighborhoods. But there are things to watch out for. Here are some issues and problems to consider: (more…)

How to Save Time Preparing a Homemade Meal
Food preparation can be quick, easy, and delicious if you have the right tools.

When I ask people why they don’t cook their own meals, the first reason they usually give is not having enough time to cook. However, I would argue that dining out can take just as much time, if not more when you factor in travel time. But I have do use some methods and techniques that greatly increase efficiency and productivity in my kitchen. And with this one kitchen appliance, I can whip up a quick, delicious, and healthy meal and not be reaching for junk food when I’m hungry. Without any pre-preparation, I can also cook an entire multi-course meal for 20 guests in less than two hours time. How is this possible? (more…)

Why Cheap Meals May End Up Costing You More

What’s the real cost of cheap food?

In our “food paradise” nation, there is no shortage of choice and variety when it comes to food. Wherever you are, you’re only a few step away from a food court or restaurant. Despite the abundance of good-tasting food, I do more home cooking here than I ever have done in all my years living in the States. There are two main reasons for this. (more…)