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Where to Find a Cheap Western Lunch Buffet for under $15

javier's rotisserie & salad bar
Where to get a healthy lunch buffet for under $15 nett.

Adding to the list of budget-friendly buffets (see my previous posts here and here), Javier’s Rotisserie & Salad Bar now offers a $11.90 (nett) salad bar buffet with an add-on main course for an additional $3 (nett). Located at City Square Mall, the buffet is available on weekdays between 11:30am and 5pm, excluding public holidays. (more…)

How Fasting can be both Frugal and Good for Your Health

sign no food or drink
We live at a time and in a place where food is all around us. And more people suffer from obesity than from starvation.

We are now in the Holy Month of Ramadan. During this month, Muslims will fast during daylight hours, starting usually before 6am all the way until about 7:30pm. This is what some refer to as intermittent fasting (IF). IF has gained a lot of popularity recently for its health and potential weight-loss benefits. I have been practicing IF for at least a couple of years now. But I do it at different times, from 7pm all the way until noon the next day. It’s not hard to fast during the hours you’re asleep! Then once every 2-3 weeks, I do a complete 30-hour water-only fast. From my personal experience, though it has not always been easy, IF has been very helpful in terms of health maintenance, frugality, and I would even say, spirituality. Here’s why: (more…)

Eat, Sing, and Be Entertained – All for Under $15

kbox karaoke lunch
Feel like a VIP with a buffet and private dining.

Where can you get a buffet, a private room with a plush sofa and big screen TV, free wifi, and free entertainment (up to 4 hours) for less than $15? Did I mention that the buffet also comes with free-flow coffee, tea, soft drinks, and ice cream? You’ll find all this and more at Kbox. For other budget-friendly buffet, please see my previous posts here (part 1) and here (part 2). (more…)

Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day is Back

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day is back in Singapore.
Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day is back in Singapore.

To celebrate their 36th year anniversary, Ben & Jerry’s will be giving out free ice cream cones (yes, absolutely free!) at four Singapore scoop shops this coming Tuesday (8th of April). The giveaway starts at 12pm. This is a global event and includes 742 scoop shops located in 26 countries. This year, participating locations in Singapore include the following: (more…)