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TFOOPFest: a New Festival that Explores the Lesser-Known Stories of Singapore’s History

This year marks 200 years since Raffles’ arrival in Singapore. To commemorate this milestone, a new month-long festival will take you on a journey to explore lesser-known micro-narratives of our past. Through films, performances, graphic novels, zines, and exhibitions, you might come to view people, communities, and places in a whole new light. This festival is called The Future of our Pasts Festival.   (more…)

Today at Apple offers Free Classes on Coding, Prototyping, Sketching, Photography & Videography

We are all artists and creatives at heart, even though we may not think we are. And our smartphones enable us to do and create so many amazing things. The hard part is getting started and knowing how to start. Fortunately for Apple fans, Today at Apple has totally free and fun how-to classes and interactive activities for the public.  (more…)

Don’t be Frightened by Cost – A Frugal Guide to Halloween 2017

Ask a person what comes to mind when you say “Halloween”, and they might reply with “candy”, “costumes”, and “haunted houses”. But even more spooky than “haunted houses” is the amount that people end up spending on this “minor holiday”. Over the years, Halloween has become one of the most expensive holidays (Americans plan to spend $9.1 billion to celebrate Halloween). As a day meant to remember the dead, the saints, and the martyrs, today it is heavily commercialised. And it’s no longer regarded as a “kid’s holiday”. These days, more adults are joining in the fun (and in the spending). So where can a frugal person go to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve?