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No NDP Tickets? You can Still Enjoy the Fireworks every Saturday Evening until National Day

NDP show
Enjoy fireworks every Saturday at the Marina Bay until 9 Aug.

If you weren’t one of the lucky few who scored tickets to the National Day Parade this year (or you just don’t like dealing with massive crowds), but still want to see the amazing fireworks live, you’re in luck. Every Saturday evening, as part of the National Day Parade rehearsals, you can watch rehearsals of these awesome visual displays. The rehearsals started last Saturday, but there are still three more rehearsals to go. Sounds like a nice way to spend a night out!

Where to Watch Free Screenings of the World Cup Grand Final

Brazuca soccer football
If you haven’t been to the newly opened Singapore Sports Hub, this is a good excuse to go.

In addition to the 40 Community Clubs and 3 Safra Clubs that will be screening the World Cup final match live (you can find a list of them here and here), you can also catch the game at 38 McDonalds outlets and at the newly opened Singapore Sports Hub with free parking at the Singapore Indoor Stadium carpark from midnight until 6am. (more…)

Eat, Sing, and Be Entertained – All for Under $15

kbox karaoke lunch
Feel like a VIP with a buffet and private dining.

Where can you get a buffet, a private room with a plush sofa and big screen TV, free wifi, and free entertainment (up to 4 hours) for less than $15? Did I mention that the buffet also comes with free-flow coffee, tea, soft drinks, and ice cream? You’ll find all this and more at Kbox. For other budget-friendly buffet, please see my previous posts here (part 1) and here (part 2). (more…)

Movie Tickets for $7 or Less in Singapore

cheap theatre tickets
Use this chart to find the best cinema deals.

As ticket prices for some cinemas have recently increased, more and more people are trying to find good deals. Finding the cheapest option can be quite confusing since each cinema chain has different pricing tiers, promotions, and terms. If you want to get a good deal ($7 and under), I’ve created this easy-to-use chart that summarises all the current promotions. The prices on the chart are valid for all of 2014, unless otherwise specified. (more…)

Free Events to Celebrate Easter & Earth Day in Singapore

Easter and Earth Day
Like an egg, the earth holds life. But it can also crack.

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, but to the secular community, it is a celebration of spring, of new beginnings, and of hope, peace and harmony. Earth Day is a day meant to promote awareness for conservation, sustainability, and environmental protection. Both are days to honour and respect the creator and/or the creation. And both can be great opportunities to educate and inspire the next generation. Here are some free events happening around Singapore that celebrate these two important days. (more…)