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Watch Movies For Free!

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Here are some places in Singapore where you can enjoy a free movie.

Movie ticket prices have been increasing in Singapore. There are plenty of free streaming sites on the web (but watch out, as some of them are shady). Though sometimes it’s nice to have that “movie-going experience” and watch a film on a big screen with surround sound. Since I don’t own a television, just about any big screen beats watching movies on my laptop. Thankfully in Singapore, there are several places where you and your family can enjoy a free movie screening. (more…)

Free (or Low-Cost) Things to Do on Valentine’s Day (updated)

Cheap dates for cheapskates.

I haven’t really found a restaurant or venue with a special Valentine’s Day meal that is, what I would consider, value-conscious. It seems that most places just by virtue of adding the three words, “Valentine’s Day Special” double their prices while giving you maybe just slightly more than their usual offerings. But I have found several free events and activities, for those who want to do something other than (or in addition to) having a nice meal. Here are my top suggestions for free or inexpensive things to do on Valentine’s Day or on Valentine’s weekend. (more…)