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Your Frugal Week Planner for 24 Dec to 30 Dec 2014

Christmas is a great day to visit one of the many museums in Singapore.

A big thank you to all those who read and support this blog. It has been almost a year since I started this journey, and I hope to continue spreading the message of frugality, gratitude, and green living in a social environment that overemphasizes spending, status, and overconsumption of resources. I wish you all a very happy, enjoyable, and meaningful Christmas. Here are your frugal activities for the week: (more…)

Your Frugal Week Planner for 17 Dec to 23 Dec 2014

ana's place
While I don’t remember the Christmas presents, I do remember the fun times and silly moments my best friend and I shared.

With Christmas just around the corner, and school holidays soon coming to an end, it’s good to be reminded that the more memorable gifts in life are experiences and time spent bonding with others. I can’t tell you what I received for Christmas from my best friend Ana when I was 18 years old, but I can tell you how she made me feel and what I remember about our silly adventures at that age (and those fond memories certainly didn’t include getting together just to individually stare at our phones). As shopping fever spreads, keep in mind that this season is a time for joy and pleasant memories, not for self-imposed stress and financial burdens. Here are my top frugal picks for this coming week (all of which are FREE, except those that involve the usual entry fee into Sentosa):   (more…)

Your Frugal Week Planner for 10 Dec to 16 Dec 2014

Build, play, learn, and bond with your kids in a free HacKIDemia workshop.

Check out the frugal events lined up for this week. Get a free outfit, watch fireworks by the river, and attend free hack workshops with your kids so they (and you) can learn how to make cool gadgets and crafts for Christmas. (Remember that this is just a partial list and that there are tons of free activities throughout Singapore, especially at parks, museums, libraries, and community centres.) (more…)

Your Frugal Week Planner for 3 Dec to 9 Dec 2014

Pedestrians get the right of way this Saturday on Orchard Road.
Pedestrians get the right of way this Saturday on Orchard Road.

Feeling creative? Want to give someone a really impressive, one-of-a-kind, personal gift for Christmas? Why not head down to the Singapore Maker Festival this week. Other frugal events for the week include open houses at the Singapore Turf Club and at Starbucks outlets. You can also plan an evening stroll along Orchard Road and not have to worry about traffic lights. Here are some frugal events for the week: (more…)

Your Frugal Weekly Planner for 26 Nov to 2 Dec 2014

Get into the festive spirit with these free events.

With Singapore being a small country and having a reputation of being one of the most expensive countries to live in, I repeatedly hear people comment that “there’s just nothing new to do in Singapore” or “going out is too expensive”. So I’ve decided to start a weekly series that conveniently lists some interesting and frugal activities. Of course, there are way too many free events and activities in Singapore (especially at museums, parks, and libraries), some of which recur weekly or monthly, and I won’t be able to cover all of them. I tried to select the more interesting and unique events. Without further ado, here is this week’s list: (more…)

Where to Get Discount Tickets to the Alive Museum

singapore trick art museum
The Alive Museum, where you can be immersed in art.

I was given the opportunity to visit the recently opened Alive Museum, an optical illusion museum where you actually become a part of the artwork. Located in Suntec City, the museum is 10,000 sqft and has over 80 works of art, 9 of which are locally themed. That number will increase to more than 100 by early next year. The works of art are all hand-painted by a team of artists who refresh and update about one-third of the collection and exhibits every year, allowing visitors to have a different experience each time they visit.


Free Play and Use of the Singapore Sports Hub Until 17 Aug

Singapore sports hub
Come check out and use the facilities at the newly opened sports hub.

If you haven’t already visited the newly opened Singapore Sports Hub, here’s yet another reason to go – they are letting you try out their facilities for free until 17 Aug. Some things you might want to do include renting a canoe or kayak and paddling along the Kallang River; booking a private lane and swimming in one of their ginormous pools; skateboarding at their outdoor skate park; playing basketball, badminton, netball, or volleyball in one of their indoor air-conditioned courts; or climbing up a 16m high wall inside an air-conditioned mall.


No NDP Tickets? You can Still Enjoy the Fireworks every Saturday Evening until National Day

NDP show
Enjoy fireworks every Saturday at the Marina Bay until 9 Aug.

If you weren’t one of the lucky few that scored tickets to the National Day Parade this year (the last one that will be held at Marina Bay for at least the next few years) or you just don’t like dealing with massive crowds, but still want to see some amazing fireworks, you’re in luck. Every Saturday evening, as part of the National Day Parade rehearsals, you can watch some awesome visual displays and fireworks. The rehearsals started last Saturday, but there are still three more Saturday rehearsals to go. Sounds like a nice way to spend a night out!

Where to Watch Free Screenings of the World Cup Grand Final

Brazuca soccer football
If you haven’t been to the newly opened Singapore Sports Hub, this is a good excuse to go.

In addition to the 40 Community Clubs and 3 Safra Clubs that will be screening the World Cup final match live (you can find a list of them here and here), you can also catch the game at 38 McDonalds outlets and at the newly opened Singapore Sports Hub with free parking at the Singapore Indoor Stadium carpark from midnight until 6am. (more…)