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Your Frugal Week Planner for 3 June to 9 June 2015

sea games
There are 18 free sports to watch, and 21 that are ticketed, but prices have been kept very affordable.

For this week, SEA Games fever is in the air, but if you’re not a big fan of sports, there’s plenty of other fun activities this week including the National Day Parade Exhibit, PlayLah, Gardeners Day Out, and themed parties involving glow sticks and furry friends. Here is your frugal week planner… (more…)

Your Frugal Week Planner for 27 May to 2 June 2015

Not sure what to do for the school holidays?

The school holidays are here again, and with them, a variety of frugal activities for the entire family – far too many for me to cover in just one post. So here are my picks for this week. Remember that there are always free/frugal activities and events happening at your local libraries, community clubs, parks, and museums. Enjoy your school holidays. (more…)

Your Frugal Week Planner for 20 May to 26 May 2015

The last day of the Lee Kuan Yew exhibit is this Sunday, 24 May.


For this week, we have a good mix of activities – from fun & adventurous to educational and health-oriented. This is also the last chance to see the “In Memoriam: Lee Kuan Yew” exhibit at the National Museum and “Shakespeare in the Park – The Tempest”, as both will end on the 24th of May.


Your Frugal Week Planner for 13 May to 19 May 2015

ndp ticket ballot
Have you balloted for NDP tickets yet? This week is the final week to do so.

Why I love living here is that there is always something to do that can be fun, interesting, and educational, while also being frugal. Here are my frugal picks for the week. Do keep in mind that the events I have listed here are just a partial listing and that there are many other free & frugal events and activities all over Singapore, especially at museums, parks, libraries, and CCs.