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Your Frugal Week Planner for 29 April to 5 May 2015

The Istana is open to the public again on Labour Day.

Lot of exciting free/frugal activities await this week, from appreciating music and arts to adrenaline-rushing attractions at a discounted rate of only $5. Plus, we can all look forward to a long weekend as we celebrate May Day, or International Workers’ Day. And on May Day, the Istana will once again be open to the public. (more…)

Your Frugal Week Planner for 22 April to 28 April 2015

earth day
What makes Singapore different than other dense urban cities are the gardens and green spaces.

Earth Day is today; the recently published Sustainable Singapore Blueprint 2015 outlines plans for preserving the environment and creating a more liveable and sustainable Singapore so that future generations will also prosper and enjoy what we have today. In additional to Earth Day activities, this week you can look forward to the SG50 Music Festival and several open houses as part of Singapore Heritage Fest. Just a reminder that these week planners are just a partial listing of free/frugal events, and that there are always ongoing free/frugal events at libraries, museums, parks and community centres all around Singapore. (more…)

Your Frugal Week Planner for 15 April to 21 April 2015

The Rise & Shine Carnival is back and it’s bigger than ever!

The Rise and Shine Carnival is back and it’s bigger than ever. Also this week is the Affordable Art Fair, Singapore Heritage Fest, and the first ever SuperMom Carnival for expecting mothers, new mums, and babies. There are also some free financial planning and money workshops worth checking out. Here are the frugal picks of the week: (more…)

Your Frugal Week Planner for 8 April to 14 April 2015

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day is back in Singapore.
Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day is back in Singapore.

Here are some frugal events happening this week: In addition to free tacos and ice cream (not in combination, though ice cream tacos do exist!), this week is the last week to hunt for the giant eggs around the HarbourFront and Sentosa precinct. The SHF will also be holding its first Pet Walkathon. Other events are as follows: (more…)

Your Frugal Week Planner for 1 April to 7 April 2015

easter eggs2
Frugal people like eggs, especially nest eggs…

When I first started this blog, I was advised by a somewhat prestigious Singaporean lady that frugality has too much of a negative connotation and that people (including this lady) don’t want to be associated with it. Although I felt a bit bothered by her remarks, today I’m feeling encouraged and somewhat vindicated after hearing that many people referred to the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew as a strong believer in “frugality… both in his personal life as well as nationally”. Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam, former Senior Minister of State Sidek Saniff, and journalist Cassandra Chew all shared stories about his frugal nature. Frugality is not merely being cheap, it is about finding enjoyment, pleasure, and value in things without being wasteful of money or other resources. With that said, here are some frugal ways to spend this Easter weekend. (more…)