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Possibly the Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

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Giving memories and experiences can be more meaningful (to both parties) than simply giving stuff.

One of the biggest regrets in my life is that I never really got to know my grandmother while she was alive, although she was the one who primarily raised me. By the time I was a know-it-all teenager, she started showing signs of dementia. At that time, I thought there was nothing more that I could learn from her. I didn’t place enough value on her stories, knowledge, and experience, but instead placed too much importance on my academic pursuits. She passed away shortly after I completed my graduate studies. Even if she had lived longer, by that time, it was simply too late to get to know her; she had completely forgotten me. What I wish I did differently: (more…)

5 Meaningful (and inexpensive) Gifts for Mother’s Day

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These gifts are not just inexpensive; they are priceless!

Being a good, responsible, and dedicated mother is perhaps one of the hardest responsibilities in the world – there are no off days or MC days, no salary, no (monetary) benefits, yet there are plenty of insane working conditions and hours. But the role does come with huge upside potential – a lifetime of purpose, memories, rewards, personal growth, and meaning. So why would I “cheapen” this by opting for an inexpensive gift?


Free (or Low-Cost) Things to Do on Valentine’s Day (updated)

Cheap dates for cheapskates.

I haven’t really found a restaurant or venue with a special Valentine’s Day meal that is, what I would consider, value-conscious. It seems that most places just by virtue of adding the three words, “Valentine’s Day Special” double their prices while giving you maybe just slightly more than their usual offerings. But I have found several free events and activities, for those who want to do something other than (or in addition to) having a nice meal. Here are my top suggestions for free or inexpensive things to do on Valentine’s Day or during the following weekend. (more…)