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Get Rewarded for More Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activities (MVPA) in the National Steps Challenge™ Season 4

Getting and staying in “the zone” is one way to optimise your fitness. Intensity matters. And now, you can track not only your steps but also your moderate to vigorous intensity physical activities (MVPA) with a new, improved, and free heart-rate monitoring fitness tracker when you sign up for National Steps Challenge™ Season 4. Returning participants from previous seasons are also eligible. Be rewarded for your steps and for hitting target MVPA. The Challenge starts roughly one month from now, and you can sign up for it today!


Health and Money Saving Benefits from Reusable Menstrual Pads

Talking about the 3 P’s – pee, poop, and period – is still a bit taboo in this day and age, especially when it’s coupled with the topic of saving money. My grandmother (who mostly raised me), didn’t even warm me about the third P, which first came to me in a what-on-earth-is-happening!?!? kind of moment. And in my grandmother’s time, there was no such thing as disposable menstrual pads. In fact, the word disposable wasn’t really in her vocabulary. (more…)

Save 85% on Pain Relief Medications, such as Panadol

Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are more likely to buy generics over brand-name medicines. But when it comes to the average consumer, brands are often preferred. A lot of marketing dollars went into creating a perception of quality that sets the brand apart. But for medications whose active ingredients are the same, can your body really tell the difference? And is it worth spending 7x more for the same medication?


Another Reason Why CPF Top Ups are Incredible Investments

[By Dr Jake Goh]

My son was born last November. We had been planning and waiting for his arrival. But what we didn’t expect was for my wife to undergo an emergency caesarean delivery. Thankfully, I was able to use my Medisave. Then, when I received my year-end bonus, I topped up my Medisave, intending only to maximise my CPF account. But what happened next was a pleasant surprise.