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Have Your Own Home Hair Party Instead of Going to Yun Nam, Svenson, Beijing 101, and Trichokare

hair party
Save lots of $$$ by doing your own at-home hair treatments.

Before moving here (5 years ago), the concept of a hair spa was totally foreign to me. I would say that hair spas or hair treatment centres aren’t places most Americans regularly visit or even know exist (at least I didn’t). Yet I was curious and decided to try out a “free offer” from one of the 4 hair treatment centres. I knew before even stepping foot inside their shop that they were going to find something wrong with my hair (that of course, is how they make money). My purpose in going was not for a diagnosis; it was to see what they do, whether I can replicate their treatment at home, and whether my treatment could match theirs. Here are my results: (more…)

Free Cervical Cancer Screenings Until the End of this Month

singapore cancer run
Singapore Cancer Society’s Race Against Cancer Run helps to raise funds to provide free services.
(Photo by RunSociety)

The Singapore Cancer Society, through its Women’s Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Campaign, has partnered with more than 160 GPs island-wide to provide free Pap smears until 31 July to female Singaporeans and PRs age 25 to 69 who have not had a Pap smear in the last 3 years. For a list of participating clinics, please see here. (more…)

Improve Your Quality of Life & Get Heart Healthy for just $4

The Singapore Heart Foundation offers subsidised heart wellness programmes.

If you have heart disease or any medical conditions that puts you at risk for it (e.g., diabetes, high blood pressure, high lipids, BMI > 23, smoker), you can get physiotherapy consultations and exercise sessions all at a subsidised rate of only $4, as part of the Singapore Heart Foundation’s Cardiac Rehabilitation & Heart Wellness Programme. This includes use of their gym facilities, free nutrition counselling, free blood glucose monitoring during the session (if you have diabetes), and invitations to health talks and other events. After paying the one-time enrollment fee of $20, each and every time you visit their centre, you pay just $4. Compared to a typical physiotherapy session, which can cost more than $100, or a typical gym membership, $4 per entry is an absolute bargain! (more…)

Get a Health Screening (and $50 of CapitaLand Vouchers) for Only $15

Orange Health Screening
Stay healthy and get rewarded.

Staying healthy is not easy. We live in a society in which unhealthy food is quite abundant and ubiquitous, and often viewed and used as a reward (e.g., birthday cakes, celebration treats, etc.), and a sedentary lifestyle is the norm and is also rewarded (e.g., office desk job). But here’s a reward that actually encourages healthy behaviours. The Orange Health Screening by NTUC Income offers a basic health screening (BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, and fasting blood glucose level) for just $15, and if your results are within a healthy range and you are currently under NTUC IncomeShield or Enhanced IncomeShield, you can get a $50 CapitaLand voucher. (more…)

Why Watsons Free Allergy Consultations May Not be Frugal

Free allergy consultations still need to add value.

Many people I talk to mistakenly equate “frugality” with “being cheap”, but being frugal is not about just seeking the lowest price; it’s about value and your Return on Investment (ROI) where return can come in the form of enjoyment, experience, knowledge, assurance, fulfilment, protection, and of course, actual money. The investment usually involves some combination of time and money. Doing something for free means that you’re likely going to have a high/positive ROI because your investment is so low, but sometimes even free things can result in bad or negative ROI. (more…)

A New Online Eyewear Store with Free Optometry Services

Where can you get discount contact lenses and a FREE eye exam?

I started wearing contacts a little more than a decade ago. It was at that time that lots of online shops for contacts started appearing in the US. Besides convenience, buying online was also less expensive, but when I moved here, I was surprised that very few people purchased their contacts online (only about 5% in Singapore, as compared to 50% in the States). Seechic, a new online eyewear store, wants to change this and bring you the same convenience and savings as I got from when I was living in the US. But they take it one step further – they give you a FREE eye checkup!


Make Your Own Fluoride-Free Toothpaste – It’s Easy!

-photo by Mandy Jouan
No cavities or sensitivity after 3 years of using this fluoride-free toothpaste!
(photo by Mandy Jouan)

More than 3 years ago I saw a documentary on the dangers and side effects of fluoride by the Fluoride Action Network, which, along with my own additional research, made me question the benefits of commercial fluoridated toothpaste. I stopped using commercial toothpaste after that and have since been using my own homemade toothpaste and the Philips Sonicare toothbrush to brush my teeth. My dentist just gave me a clean bill of health. He even said my gums and teeth have never looked healthier. The recipe I use is easy, quick to make, and very inexpensive. (more…)

A Free Workout for Every Day of the Week

hpb workout
There are tons of free workouts at malls, near workplaces, and even at private gyms.

Staying fit, healthy, and flexible doesn’t mean you have to buy a gym membership. There are plenty of free workouts island-wide that I’ve written about in the past, including Health Promotion Board’s Sunrise in the City and Sundays in the Park Programmes. You can also apply for and use your free $100 ActiveSG credits for entry to any of the 16 ActiveSG Gyms (a list of them is here). On top of that, here are a few more ways to get fit the frugal way. (more…)

Where to Buy Vitamins and Supplements

Two online supplement shops that provide cheap and fast shipping to Singapore.

Although vitamins and supplements are not regulated by any government agency or organization in terms of their efficacy or even their authenticity and purity, just about everyone I know takes them, and many people even swear by them. The HSA states on their website that “unlike medicines which contain potent medicinal ingredients, health supplements are currently not subject to approvals, licensing or registration before being sold in the local market.” Many people are unaware of this warning, and believe that as long as they buy from local stores, they are buying a product that has been tested and found to be safe and effective. Online sources, for many, are considered unsafe. However, there really is little difference since all supplements, no matter their source, are not regulated, but if you buy from local “brick and mortar” stores, such as Guardian, Unity, GNC, or Holland & Barrett, you may be spending 10-50% more than if you buy online. The selection online is also more vast. (more…)

Public or Private Healthcare – Which Should You Choose?

private public hospitals
How do you choose between public subsidised healthcare vs private unsubsidised.

For Singaporeans and PRs, public healthcare is subsidised; it may only be a fraction of the cost compared to private healthcare rates. So why would one choose to pay more and go through the private healthcare route? Here are some common reasons why this might make sense. Please note that this is just a general and simplistic summary, and that you may need to consult your doctor or other healthcare provider to discuss your specific needs, conditions, and treatment options. Also, please note that in this post, “private rates” refers to “unsubsidised rates”, not necessarily to a specific private institution since even public institutions provide private services. (more…)