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4 Reasons why Donating Blood is Frugal & Beneficial to You

giving blood
Giving blood is as good for you as it is for the recipient.

We’ve all heard that donating blood can save up to 3 lives and can help in research studies. Patients with anemia, cancer, bone marrow disorders, and those who need blood transfusions depend on the generosity of blood donors. What you might not know is that donating is also very beneficial to the donor. Here are 4 health benefits of donating blood. (more…)

How Fasting can be both Frugal and Good for Your Health

sign no food or drink
We live at a time and in a place where food is all around us. And more people suffer from obesity than from starvation.

We are now in the Holy Month of Ramadan. During this month, Muslims will fast during daylight hours, starting usually before 6am all the way until about 7:30pm. This is what some refer to as intermittent fasting (IF). IF has gained a lot of popularity recently for its health and potential weight-loss benefits. I have been practicing IF for at least a couple of years now. But I do it at different times, from 7pm all the way until noon the next day. It’s not hard to fast during the hours you’re asleep! Then once every 2-3 weeks, I do a complete 30-hour water-only fast. From my personal experience, though it has not always been easy, IF has been very helpful in terms of health maintenance, frugality, and I would even say, spirituality. Here’s why: (more…)

Where to Get a Cheap, Effective, Quality Massage without the Sales Pitch

Cheap effective quality massage
Fuss-free massages don’t have to be expensive.

I was a massage virgin until the ripe age of 32. Before then, I never thought I would be someone who would need regular visits to a massage therapist. But once I experienced how good it made me feel and how truly therapeutic it was, I decided to make it part of my monthly wellness budget. Many of my friends told me that in order to get a good quality massage, you would have to buy a spa package, which could cost over $1000. They also warned me that once you get up-sold a package, you will continue to get up-sold once that package ends. I don’t like hard sells. So I wanted to find a place that was cheap, effective, and didn’t come with a sales pitch at the end. (more…)

How to Get Out of a Hard Sell at Spas & Wellness Centres

You don’t have to avoid spas simply because of the hard selling of packages.

I was so naive and unprepared when I went for my first beauty/wellness service at a Singapore spa. In the US, I had only been to one other spa prior to moving here. My spa experiences between the two countries were like night and day. This is because in the US, hard selling is not common. To be honest, I had never encountered a hard sell before in my life… that is, until I bought two vouchers from, one for a massage and another for a slimming session. (more…)