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Flat Size: Why Bigger & Better is Not For Me (and Likely Not for You Either)

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Last year, I bought a 3-room HDB flat. My friends and family from the States were all shocked. They all asked the same question, “Why didn’t buy something bigger/better?” As with so many things in modern society, the question of why you should or should not purchase something often boils down to affordability. That’s why shows like Suze Orman’s exist — to tell potential buyers whether they can afford something or not. The problem is that this completely misses the larger picture.


Having Trouble Finding a Competent, Reliable, and Trustworthy Agent? Propseller Can Help You

When I first moved to Singapore, I was shocked by the unscrupulous practices employed by some property agents to further their own selfish interests. From fake listings and misleading information to omitting important property details, these dodgy practices would have definitely resulted in legal action in the States (where the majority of real estate agents are held to fiduciary standards). With more than 30,000 property agents in Singapore, how can one find not only an honest agent but also the most suitable agent to fit his/her situation? This is where Propseller can help.