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Make Your Own Fluoride-Free Toothpaste – It’s Easy!

-photo by Mandy Jouan
No cavities or sensitivity after 3 years of using this fluoride-free toothpaste!
(photo by Mandy Jouan)

More than 3 years ago I saw a documentary on the dangers and side effects of fluoride by the Fluoride Action Network, which, along with my own additional research, made me question the benefits of commercial fluoridated toothpaste. I stopped using commercial toothpaste after that. And have since been using my own homemade toothpaste and the Philips Sonicare toothbrush to brush my teeth. My dentist just gave me a clean bill of health. He even said my gums and teeth have never looked healthier. The recipe I use is easy, quick to make, and very inexpensive. (more…)

Safe & Natural Easy-to-make Non-toxic Aluminum-Free Deodorant

coconut deodorant natural
Mix just 3 ingredients for a natural and safe deodorant.

Upon moving here from the States, I had a hard time adjusting to the high humidity in Singapore. And after 3 years of living here, I feel that I still perspire more than the locals. I don’t want to be the “stinky person” on the train that British expat Anton Casey wrote about. But I also don’t want to use aluminum- or paraben-containing antiperspirants, which are the only kinds Guardian and Watsons carry. So I decided to make my own. (more…)

DIY Cheap & Effective Eyeglass Cleaning Solution

This homemade solution will leave your glasses clean and free of smudges
This homemade solution will leave your glasses clean and free of smudges.

In the States, I used to buy a huge bottle of eyeglass cleaning solution from Costco, and that would last me many years. As there is no Costco in Singapore, I decided to try and make my own solution. It turns out that making a solution is way cheaper than buying one. Even if you are able to buy in bulk from a wholesaler. (more…)

DIY Safe & Natural Baby-Friendly Bug Spray

natural safe baby friendly bug spray
A bug spray that is safe to use around babies, food, or pets.

I recently moved to a unit that was previously occupied by a family with very young children. Since rent has significantly dropped over the last couple years, to cut costs, instead of hiring professional cleaners our landlord cleaned the unit himself… Needless to say, he missed quite a few places. When I removed the kitchen vent filters to wash them, a whole bunch of debris fell over of the stove area. It was disgusting. There were also bits of food caked onto the areas above where the filters sat. The same sticky food substances were found in between the cabinets and by the side of the refrigerator. Upon trying to reach up in these crevices, that’s when I noticed a trail of ants. (more…)