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Free PA Courses at CCs and Water-Venture Outlets

PA classes
Pick up new hobbies & skills while making new friends.

Now is your chance to learn how to play the guitar, make cheese, kayak, line dance, draw, sew, perform 13 various martial arts, meditate, cook Nonya cuisine, or teach your dogs new tricks. The People Association is offering 2000 free courses for you to upgrade yourself. Note that these are only open to Singaporeans and PRs, and registration is through the respective CCs or Water-Venture (WV) Outlets on a first-come, first-serve basis. (more…)

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions – in 5 Steps

Here’s a better way to keep those New Year’s resolutions.

The top New Year’s resolutions that people make every year all have to do with self-improvement. Losing weight, spending less/saving more, and quitting smoking always top the list. But 25% of resolutions are broken just after one week. And less than half are kept by mid-year. Are our goals too ambitious? Or are we approaching them the wrong way? (more…)

A University Education without the Tuition

mooc class
Learn just about anything online for free with MOOCs.

I recently attended a NTUC appreciation dinner for mature workers. There, I met a pioneer generation crane operator who has worked at the Singapore Port for the last 50 years (and is still working there!). Although my working years are just a fraction of his, I’ve had the opportunity to work in many different careers that span very diverse industries.

Although I earned a Masters in Engineering at uni, the vast majority of the skills I use today are self-taught. Where did I learn these skills? At the “University of Google”. (more…)

A Frugal Way to be Happy, Have Better Health & Live a More Fulfilling Life

act of kindness
A simple, quick, and frugal way to brighten your day.

Before going for retail therapy, spa therapy, or talk therapy, there may be a better and less expensive way of brightening up your day. Although free, it involves some gumption, courage, and vulnerability. It’s something that worked well for me in the States, but I wasn’t sure if it would work here in Singapore. So I wanted to test my theory and conduct a little experiment… (more…)

Listen to Free Audiobooks on your Mobile Device or Computer While Becoming Rich

Listen to free audiobooks anytime, anywhere.

Tom Corley spent many years observing the habits of the ultra rich and compared them to that of the poor. He wrote about it in his book “Rich Habits – The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals“. His belief is that if you adopt some of these wealthy habits, you can dramatically improve your life. That will then lead you to uncover more success or opportunities down the road.

One of his findings was that 63% of wealthy people listen to audiobooks during  their commute to work. Only 5% of the poor do so. Since most people in Singapore use public transport and don’t need to concentrate on traffic signals and patterns, we can easily adopt this “rich habit”. And choose to learn rather than to be entertained with music, television dramas, or Candy Crush. (more…)