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Advertisement or Article? Marketers Don’t Want You to Know

Most people will tell you they hate advertisements. When watching television, these people will skip through commercials or subscribe to commercial-free streaming services like Netflix. On the internet, they will use ad-blockers. But, advertisers and marketers today are very sneaky. With the rise of native advertising, many ads blend in seamlessly with content. This makes it difficult to tell whether internet content — news, product/service reviews, how-to guides, etc. — is authentic or was developed/written purely for commercial purposes. Sadly, a recent study showed that >80% of today’s students were unable to tell an advertisement from a news article.


The EcoBank Bazaar & How I Prepare for the Lunar New Year

Every lunar new year, my mum (who is in the States) asks, “Are you wearing new clothes?” And every year, the answer is the same. “Well, they are new-ish“. “And what have you done to ensure another 12 months of good fortune and prosperity?,” she asks. I tell her that I have cleaned my home and donated some items along with my time. Those items and my time have, in a small way, benefited the less privileged. And my year is off to a new, conscientious, charitable, and sustainable fresh start. How’s that for an answer?


hoolah: Buy Now, Pay Later. Interest-Free. No Credit Card Required.

Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of a 3-week grace period (which is what you typically get from using a credit card), you got an entire 2 months to pay off your purchases? That’s 4 instalments (one instalment every 2 weeks) to pay off a balance while accruing zero interest and zero fees. That’s exactly what hoolah offers shoppers. What is hoolah (pronounced “hula”)?


Think You’re Reading an Unbiased Review or Blog Article? You’re Actually Reading SponCon!

With the steady increase in the viewership for Frugal in Singapore, I’ve received an increasing number of requests for sponcon (sponsored content). Sponcon is basically where a company/marketing agency pays a blogger a fee for publishing a fake review or an advertorial (an advertisement giving information about a product/service masquerading as an objective journalistic article). As a blogger, how much can you make filling your site with sponcon and advertisements? Enough to make it your full-time job! (more…)

Health and Money Saving Benefits from Reusable Menstrual Pads

Talking about the 3 P’s – pee, poop, and period – is still a bit taboo in this day and age, especially when it’s coupled with the topic of saving money. My grandmother (who mostly raised me), didn’t even warm me about the third P, which first came to me in a what-on-earth-is-happening!?!? kind of moment. And in my grandmother’s time, there was no such thing as disposable menstrual pads. In fact, the word disposable wasn’t really in her vocabulary. (more…)