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Warehouse Club Membership: Is It Worth It?

The new NTUC Warehouse Club is the Singaporean version of Costco.

Ever since I was a child, my family always had a Costco club card that allowed them to make bulk purchases at a discount. It definitely comes in handy if you have a small business or a huge family. Or you have to organize large social functions and gatherings on a regular basis. But when I left for university and was on my own, it just didn’t make sense to continue my membership. So does the NTUC Warehouse Club make sense for those Singaporeans who do not have businesses or large families, and do not attend social gatherings that require bulk purchases? Let’s compare the alternatives and you can be the judge. (more…)

The iPhone 6’s Real Legacy and an Inconvenient Truth in Singapore

apple iphone 6 launch
The iPhone 6 launch drew large crowds around the world, but in a couple years, where will all these phones end up?

It’s been over a week since the launch of the new iPhone 6. And the worldwide demand is still quite high. In Singapore, I’ve heard stories of people queuing for over a day and of people getting into fights over this phone. Personally, I would advise people to think twice before taking the plunge and upgrading to the new iPhone, though not because of its price tag. To me, there is a much bigger and far more important reason, and it’s something that most Singaporeans aren’t even aware of. (more…)

Another Used Furniture Store where You can Find Tons of Bargains

thrift marketing boon keng
Find high quality used office furniture at discount (negotiable) prices.

There are many used furniture shops in Singapore, if you know where to look. Some specialise in used hotel and restaurant furniture (Hock Siong). Others are supplied purely from donations by individual (The Salvation Army Family Thrift Store). This new one I found, called Thrift House Marketing, specializes in used office furniture. Whenever there is an office renovation, relocation, or liquidation, the furniture is often sold to second-hand shops such as this one. (more…)

Fine Jewelry & Luxury Watches at Steep Discounts

pawnshop auction
Join jewelers, reseller, and collectors each month at the pawnbrokers auction.

[UPDATE: As of Oct 2015, pawn auctions are no longer being held.] As a bargain hunter who finds happiness and fulfillment in simple and frugal living, you might wonder why I’d be interested in fine jewelry and watches. Well, of all the various things one can buy, fine jewelry and watches (for the most part) tend to retain their value more than other personal property, as long as they are kept in good condition. They may even appreciate in value. And if I can buy these at steep discounts, or if they increase significantly in value, then I can sell them and make a profit. This is something I did when I started living on my own. And it was also what led me to explore the world of auctions. (more…)

The New Sharing Economy: How You Can Save Money and the Environment at the Same Time

The more we share, the more we have.
The more we share, the more we have.

We were all taught at a young age to share with others. Yet as we became adults, individual ownership and being self-sufficient were considered more desirable and noteworthy. As a person who once lived the American lifestyle, I feel ashamed to have lived so wastefully. I had owned so many items that were only used a few times a year, such as power tools, a sewing machine, a ladder, snowboards, bicycles, and a guest bedroom. These things spent much more time gathering dust, than being put to use. (more…)