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How to Find the Best Dining Deals using Voucher Sites

Dining deals are everywhere if you look for them.

When dining out, my husband and I usually take advantage of 1-for-1 deals (through credit cards or membership cards like NTUC and SAFRA) or group buying vouchers sites, such as Groupon SG and Deal. Other sites I’ve purchased from include StreetDeal, Voucherlicious, and SuperDeals by InSing. For the past 5 years, I’ve used over 200 voucher deals, including some when I travel back to the States (Groupon and Living Social are popular there). Not every deal is a good value (most in my opinion are not), and there are many in which you have to pay very close attention to the fine print (some will charge additional GST, service, and other compulsory fees; some will restrict dining hours, days, and menu items; and nearly all of them will have expiration dates). There are a lot of advantages to buying dining or even activity vouchers through these sites. Besides the cost savings (usually around 50%), using vouchers has made it easier for me to plan on where we dine on the weekends, we’re always trying new and different cuisines, and it often takes us to new places that we’d never knew existed. It gets us out of our comfort zone, leads us to discover other interesting shops, restaurants, parks, and neighborhoods. But there are things to watch out for. Here are some issues and problems to consider: (more…)

Prescription Glasses & Eyewear for Only $10

good vision is priceless
Good vision is priceless!

I’m in my mid-30s and my vision has recently been changing, in fact, it’s been improving. Because the power of my lenses are often now too strong, I find myself needing to update my prescription every 6 months to 1 year. This can be very costly, as I would need to buy new glasses each time. Fortunately, I found a site where I can get great looking, affordable prescription glasses for about S$10! I’ve been ordering from this site for almost 6 years, and can attest to the company’s reliability, and the accuracy and quality of their products. At first I was skeptical, but each time I received my order, I would have the optometrist verify it. Out of curiosity, I sometimes would ask the optometrist how much a similar pair would cost me, and he would usually show me a pair that was over S$200. (more…)

What You’ll Find at New2U Thrift Store

New2U Thrift Store during their end-of-the-month sale.

I have a friend in the States named Michael who is a multimillionaire. When attending formal events, he can definitely make an impression, as he is typically one of the best dressed people in the room. He is often mistaken for a celebrity or a model. You’ll never guess that he, like me, grew up in poverty. You’ll also never guess that 90% of his outfits (as well as 90% of mine) were purchased second-hand, most commonly from thrift stores. People always wonder why he doesn’t just pay full price and buy whatever he wants at a typical department store. After all, he can definitely afford it. But Michael, like many other multimillionaires, lives a fairly conservative lifestyle. You’ve probably heard that Warren Buffet still lives in the same house he bought in 1958 for $31,500. Just because these individuals make 100 or 10,000 times more than your average Joe, doesn’t mean that they spend that much more. Most of their money gets invested back into their business or other profit-generating opportunity. These people are constantly looking for value in all things, getting the most and the very best from the least amount spent or invested. That’s how they started on their path to becoming rich in the first place. (more…)

8 Reasons to Buy Second-Hand Clothing, Furnishings, and Gadgets

new2u thrift store
There are many benefits of buying used clothing, some are not so obvious.

It’s just 4 more days till Chinese New Year, and people are busy cleaning their homes and clearing their unwanted goods. Many people are also shopping for a new outfit to wear on the first day of the new lunar year. ย Hence, this is a great time to visit a second-hand/thrift store. Here are my 8 (auspicious) reasons why you should consider buying used. (more…)