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Cheaper and Worthwhile Things to Buy in JB, and How to Get There

We all know there are many things that are cheaper across the causeway in JB (Johor Bahru), but to get there requires at least 1 hour (and sometimes, 3 hours) of travel through the immigration checkpoint. Considering the time and effort involved, I’m always on the lookout for faster, cheaper, and more convenient ways to make the journey. And because I can’t have a carload of goods to bring back home with me (mainly because I don’t have a car), I have to be selective on what I buy that would justify the trip there. Here’s what I do.


Why Signing Up As a Uber Driver is Worthwhile

By now, everyone knows you can make side/extra income from “freelance” driving with Uber. There are already 20,000+ drivers for Uber in Singapore, and this community is rapidly growing. You’ve probably already met a handful of people who are seriously considering becoming an Uber driver. Besides having another source for income, more flexibility and control over your time, here are some additional benefits of being an Uber driver that few people know about.


Buying, Selling & Renting Cars – Now Easier with Carousell

Buying and selling on Carousell is easy peasy. To snap a photo, upload, and sell an item takes mere minutes. Chatting, negotiating, and making an offer is also quite effortless. And up till recently, Carousell has had the reputation of the go-to app shop for pre-owned electronics, used household goods, pre-loved clothes, and all things surplus or second-hand. But now they have added vehicles to their ever-growing marketplace, and it’s worth checking out.


WINK+ is Like Hunting Pokémons but with Real Rewards

Have you ever noticed these and wondered what the heck are they?

Have you ever wondered what those bright pink QR codes near the entrances of certain MRT stations and trains are for? They tell you to scan the QR code with your WINK+ app so that you can earn points and redeem rewards. But what exactly is this WINK+ app, how good are these rewards, and how much effort must I make to earn them? After a couple of months of using WINK+, here’s what I found out: (more…)

8 Ways to SAVE on Public Transport in Singapore

Make the most of your travel using these money saving tips.
(Photo by daarwasik)

Taking public transport is indeed a much, much cheaper option than owning and driving a car or taking a taxi, but there are definitely ways to make travel even cheaper. An often overlooked means of reducing public transport cost is the use of transfers and planning your route so that you stay within the between-transfer time limit (45 min). I use this method a lot when I’m running errands or going to events, and it saves me 30-50%. Below is an infographic that I’ve developed that lists 8 ways to save on public transport costs, with links to each of the various schemes and programmes so that you can read about them more in detail. (more…)

SG50 Freebies & Discounts for Seniors 50 and Above

SG50 senior
Dining, entertainment, wellness, and staycation discounts for seniors.

Around this time of year when Singapore celebrates her birthday, many restaurants and retailers also give discounts to those who were born in the same year and are the same age as our nation. Since this is a golden jubilee year, the discounts are even more substantial and have been extended to all seniors age 50 and above (with some terms and conditions). So if you’re a senior, you’re in for some awesome treats! (more…)

Does Owning a Car in Singapore Even Make Sense?

Once you’ve paid that big price tag, don’t forget that you have other expenses that really add up.

As the price of COE premiums fall (Cat A prices now at $61,000), some of my colleagues are considering buying a car. One of them decided to buy a used car with 3 years remaining on the COE (her old car was recently scrapped after 10 years). She’s in her 50s and figured that in 3 years time, she would either be semi-retired or have flexi-work arrangements, so she thought 3 years was more than adequate. But when she told me the price she paid on this supposed “good deal” ($35,000+), I was shocked and wondered if she had done the math. So I decided to in this post. (more…)

Earn Perx Points When You Travel using ANY Public Transport

Yet another reason to take public transport.

I wrote last week that you can get cash rewards through the Travel Smart Rewards Programme. In addition, you can also get Perx Points through the new EZ-Link Rewards Scheme (sorry, NETS FlashPay cards don’t qualify). Like Travel Smart Rewards, Perx is free to join. Perx is a loyalty platform that incentivizes users to collect chops from merchants to unlock rewards. All merchant cards, including EZ-Link, are stored and easily accessible to you through their free app (so you don’t have to worry about applying for, forgetting or losing your loyalty card from a merchant that is on their platform). These programmes, in addition to the extension of free pre-peak travel (before 7.45am on weekdays) to 18 designated MRT Stations, is another reason why it’s awesomely frugal to take public transport. (more…)

Earn Cash Rewards when you Travel on the MRT & LRT

The next time you top up your card, you might find a little surprise.

The Travel Smart Rewards programme is one of the best kept secrets in Singapore. It’s free to join and you get paid for doing what you normally do anyway (i.e., ride the trains). All you have to do is sign up on their website and enter your name, email and Cepas card number (only adult EZ-Link cards, adult NETS Flashpay cards, University/Polytechnic/ITE concession cards, and Senior Citizen concession cards are eligible). Please note that only one card can be registered per user. (more…)

Free Transport From Toa Payoh to Clementi

free shuttle
How to travel for free without a car.

I saw an article a while back which explained how a person could travel from Toa Payoh to Clementi for free and all in the comfort of a shuttle bus that would transit through the Grandstand (formerly known as Turf City). Free shuttle services are one of the best kept secrets in Singapore. They take you directly to popular places, and most of them are open to the public. (more…)