javier's rotisserie & salad bar
Where to get a healthy lunch buffet for under $15 nett.

Adding to the list of budget-friendly buffets (see my previous posts here and here), Javier’s Rotisserie & Salad Bar now offers a $11.90 (nett) salad bar buffet with an add-on main course for an additional $3 (nett). Located at City Square Mall, the buffet is available on weekdays between 11:30am and 5pm, excluding public holidays.

Javier’s Rotisserie & Salad Bar

Named after his son, Javier’s Rotisserie & Salad Bar was opened by Aston Soon. He is the owner of the Astons empire, which includes 28 steakhouses across the island. Like the Astons brand, Javier’s Rotisserie & Salad Bar aims to bring quality Western cuisine to the masses at affordable prices. The salad bar includes soup, bread, salad & salad fixings, pasta, drinks, as well as several cooked dishes.

Here are some photos of the salad bar and main courses.

javier's rotisserie & salad barjavier's rotisserie & salad barjaviers3javier's rotisserie & salad barjavier's rotisserie & salad bar

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