Where to find clothes that cost less than the public transport fare.

I imagine that if Daiso sold clothing (other than socks, hats, and ties), it would look similar to what you’d see at Needle Boutique (aka Doc John Alteration Services). At this shop in Lucky Plaza, you’ll find an assortment of t-shirts, jean shorts and skirts for $1, $2 and 3 for $10, respectively. Their prices are similar to what you’d pay at thrift shops. Needle Boutique also sells similarly priced accessories, including shoes at $5. This shop has been around since 1999, and the owner, Doc John has been a tailor for nearly 3 decades. Here are some photos and other details about the shop:


Doc John also specialises in demin alterations (from $5) though you will see mixed reviews on the web regarding his services. People either loved his alterations or hated them. Most people who were unhappy with them cited turnaround time as their main gripe. As a weird aside, Doc John also does palm-reading for $2.

There is another shop at Lucky Plaza, called Speed Fashion, that also sells cheap clothing, starting at $2, and has more variety than Doc John. I have yet to visit this shop, but you can read about it here: “The 10 Cheapest Places to Shop in Singapore and still look Fabulous“. The article, by by The Smart Local, also lists other places to get cheap clothes.

Needle Boutique
Lucky Plaza, #02-43A
(65) 6732 5359

Speed Fashion
Lucky Plaza, #03-67
(65) 6341 9902


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