A confession: I’m addicted to this “expensive” snack. But now I can find which market has the best price for it.

Is there a particular food that is a staple in your household? For me, it’s Tao Kae Noi Seaweed. I enjoy it as an afternoon snack nearly every day; for my hubby, it’s milk and coffee. So whenever these items are on sale, I often stock up and buy as much as I can carry. But unless an item is specifically advertised as being on sale, how would a person know which supermarket has the best price for that item? Prices change weekly at each supermarket. Sure, you can visit all the online shops like Fairprice, Giant, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, and Redmart, and search and compare prices for a particular item. But now there’s a much easier way!

The One-Stop Grocery Price Comparison Website does all of that for you. They even have an app so that you can do this on the go on your smartphone. The information is accurate and user-friendly, and it’s amazing how much the price can vary among supermarkets. In the case of my favourite snack variety, the price can vary from $3 to $3.85, which is the usual price. When it’s on sale, it’s 22% off. That amounts to big savings if I stock up and buy a few weeks supply.


diffmarts seaweed

Diffmarts also can compare the price of fresh produce, meats, small appliances, and even personal care products. They also capture special promotions such as bulk promotions (e.g., buy 2, get $1 off). Sometimes the comparisons are not direct and equal, such as these avocados, as they are imported from different regions.


diffmarts avocados

The price difference, however, is quite substantial – $0.75 for a South African avocado from Giant versus $2.33 for a New Zealand avocado from Cold Storage or $3.33 for US organic avocado from Redmart. I’m not sure if the organic avocado is worth paying more than four times the price of the conventional South African avocado. Especially since conventional avocados have very low pesticide residues and no one eats the thick avocado skin anyway.

If you want to specify where your produce is imported from, you can. Here is what diffmarts comes up with when I search for “broccoli australia”. In this case, the weight needs to be standardised. But with a little math, you should be able to determine which market has the best deal.


diffmarts broccoli

If we standardise all the choices to 500g, then Giant’s price would be $1.85 (for 500g), which totally blows the competition away ($3.25 at Sheng Siong and $9.45 at Cold Storage)! With supermarket prices constantly changing, and each market offering different items for sale, Diffmarts now makes it easy for me to plan where I shop and what items I buy, saving me both time and money. Best of all, the service is absolutely free!

Price Comparison Features Added to Include Watsons and Guardian

Update (10 Feb, 2016): Diffmarts now has a Watch List feature. This enables registered users to monitor the price of specific items on their list. Users can also get email notifications so that they know when those items go on sale. Diffmarts has also expanded their search to include Watsons and Guardian, so in addition to personal care items, now you can also search for beauty products, supplements, medications, medical devices, and more.

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