While making a smoothie, my blender suddenly overheated and started smoking. The motor had burnt out. It was an older, low budget and low power (250W) blender so I knew its days were numbered. But its sudden death also gave me some pause. It had been many years since I’ve needed to buy any sort of appliance. A lot has changed in the marketplace, and I needed to do my research. Luckily, I knew a good place to start comparison shopping – Diffmarts

Since 2015, I’ve use Diffmarts to comparison shop for groceries. You can find that original review article here. But since they’ve implemented ways of automatically notifying me of price changes on my “watch list”, I now rarely visit their actual site. There’s usually no need for me to look up items, as I get automatic email updates when my favourite products on my “watch list” go on sale.

So my visit back to their site felt like a new experience. To my delight, they’ve added even more features and expanded their searchable shops. The site first started out with just our typical local grocery stores – Fairprice, Giant, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, and Redmart. Then they added personal care shops – Watsons and Guardian. Now, you can search across the major electronics & appliance shops in Singapore – Courts, Harvey Norman, and Best Denki.

Electronics & Appliances on Diffmarts

The Diffelectronics site is a new option in the Diffmarts menu bar. They have different URLs that link to each other. Here’s what the two sites look like side-by-side.

To get a sense of the various blender options out there, I entered the word “blender” to both sites, as I wanted to capture options from all the shops, from Fairprice to Best Denki. Unlike televisions and laptops, grocery stores like Fairprice also sell small household appliances. 

Both sites returned the following:

My criteria for selection was pretty straight forward. I wanted a blender that had a glass jar, at least 4 blades, a higher wattage motor, and overheat protection, as that was an issue with the previous model. Once I found one on Diffmarts that met my specifications and wasn’t too expensive ($15, down from $49), I was satisfied.

But since I try to make decisions not solely based on price (that’s being “cheap” rather than “frugal“), I felt I should consider buying a used blender from Cash Converters. Buying a used item is definitely more eco-friendly. But because of the constantly changing inventory from second-hand shops, you’ll have to invest more time and effort to find an item. 

Sometimes you can find (or rescue from dumpsters) great used items that are still in perfectly working condition. There are many things which people buy that they don’t really end up using much. They might have bought it with the intention of using it, but for one reason or another, the item sits unused.

Unfortunately, when I visited Cash Converters, I couldn’t find any blenders that met my specifications. So I ended up going to Giant and buying the $15 Mag MG918B Blender, the same one displayed first on the Diffmarts search results.


Suggestions for Future Additions to Diffmarts

I like the many new features Diffmarts has added to its site. In the future, I hope the developers behind this site would consider having a sort button, to arrange the items by price. Sometimes the lower price option appears much further down the list, and you are presented with the high priced item first.

For small household appliances, it would be nice to do a simultaneous search on both sites (the grocery site and the electronics site). Some people might not know that the household electronic item they are looking for, can also be found on the grocery site. And that grocery search site may return a cheaper price.

Despite these minor inconveniences, I still appreciate having a price comparison website that is fast and easy to use. It also gives me the option to be automatically notified of any promos and sales on my favourite watched items.


The New Blender

How was my new blender purchase? When I visited Giant, the price was exactly what Diffmarts told me it would be – $15 (down from $49). This Mag blender turned out to be a great buy. It’s much more powerful (500W), has 6 blades, and comes with automatic overload protection so it’s less likely to smoke. That was an important feature to me. I’ve had 3 separate run-ins with house fires. They’re not fun, and I wouldn’t want any more. And if I don’t smoke, my blender shouldn’t either. 🙂

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