Yet another reason to take public transport.

I wrote last week that you can get cash rewards through the Travel Smart Rewards Programme. In addition, you can also get Perx Points through the new EZ-Link Rewards Scheme (sorry, NETS FlashPay cards don’t qualify). Like Travel Smart Rewards, Perx is free to join. Perx is a loyalty platform that incentivizes users to collect chops from merchants to unlock rewards. All merchant cards, including EZ-Link, are stored and easily accessible to you through their free app (so you don’t have to worry about applying for, forgetting or losing your loyalty card from a merchant that is on their platform). These programmes, in addition to the extension of free pre-peak travel (before 7.45am on weekdays) to 18 designated MRT Stations, is another reason why it’s awesomely frugal to take public transport.

How do you earn points?

  1. Start by downloading the app and creating an account (or you can use your Facebook account).
  2. Go to “All Cards” and search for “EZ-link”.
  3. Link your 16-digit EZ-Link card ID to your account.

You earn points by tapping in and out whenever you use any public transport. One additional cool feature about the Perx programme is that you can link multiple cards to your account (up to 10), which you can’t do for the Travel Smart Rewards Programme. So if you know of anyone who uses public transport but doesn’t want to become a Perx user, why not ask if you can link their card to your account? Then you’ll earn points for their travels as well. Every trip taken with an Adult EZ-link card will earn you 25 points, and every trip with EZ-link co-branded cards (these are ones from other companies/organisations like American Express, M1, DBS, CitiBank, PAssion Card, etc.) will earn you 50 points. Concession cards like student cards and seniors citizen cards are not eligible.

What do the points give you?
The points can be used to redeem rewards (including freebies) and exclusive deals from a catalogue of rewards. These include products and services from food and beverage, fashion, limousine, beauty & wellness, and lifestyle establishments.Perx App

Are there any catches?
Perx is not only a loyalty platform but a marketing platform. Since its app is beacon-enabled, it can track your location and relay offers to you that are location-specific. Some people might find this useful as they can discover new merchants in their area and get some information about them. Others might find their push notification somewhat annoying. Perx has a lot of merchants on board, including SaladStop, KOI, and Haagen Daz, so you’ll likely get some advertising in the form of notifications from their merchants from time to time.

My experience:
I’ve been using Perx for just about as long as I’ve been using Travel Smart Rewards (7 months), but it was just recently that Perx partnered with EZ-Link. I get push notifications daily, but just ignore them. Once a week I check my Perx point balance for my EZ-Link merchant card. So far, I’ve been able to redeem my points for free coffee at Dunkin Donuts (500 points), a $10 Lazada voucher (750 points), and a $10 Zalora voucher (1500 points). If you’ve linked all your family’s cards to your account, and they all use PAssion Cards as their transport card, then it doesn’t take very long to accumulate lots of points. Redemption is fairly easy and straightforward. You can also track your used and existing rewards for EZ-link as well as the many other merchants you may have a Perx loyalty card with. And you can view next-stage rewards so you’ll have something to look forward to.

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