Never run out of reading material again.

In addition to getting free ebooks and audiobooks from National Library Board’s Overdrive (which has just increased borrowing limits), you can get tons of free books from Amazon which you can read on your phone using the free Kindle app. All you need is an Amazon account (does not require subscription to Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited). And with Amazon arriving in Singapore early next year, you might want to just create an account anyway.

Before You Start…..

When you create your account, do not add payment information if you want to make sure you don’t accidentally buy something. As an Amazon user since 2003, I like the convenience and competitive prices of their huge marketplace, but one thing I absolutely HATE about Amazon is their patented 1-click ordering feature. Why do I hate it? Because it’s too easy to buy something. Just one accidental or impulsive tap of the screen or mouse button, and your credit card gets charged. This “frictionless” transaction gets people to buy more and buy mindlessly (and that’s just not frugal!). So for the purposes of just enjoying their free Kindle eBooks, I recommend not adding payment information.

How do I Get Free eBooks?

After creating an account, go to Departments>Books & Audible>Kindle eBooks. Then search for “free Kindle books”. You will then see a list of books that say “Kindle Edition” $0.00. You don’t need to be a Prime or Kindle Unlimited subscriber. And you don’t need a Kindle either.

Amazon has a hidden price category $0-$0.
Amazon has a hidden price category $0-$0.


There’s a wide variety of free eBooks which change almost daily.


From the search results page, choose a book and then click the “Buy now with 1-Click” button to send the book to your “library”. Just check to make sure it is actually free and says “$0.00 to buy Kindle Edition” before clicking. To access your “library”, click on Accounts & Lists>Manage Your Content & Devices.

Here’s where you go to see all the eBooks you have in your library.


You can read the book on any device, just download the Kindle app for your phone or PC. You can even read on your browser using the Kindle Cloud Reader (no need to download anything!).

This free book is part of the series, but only the second book is currently free.
The Kindle app will automatically download your free eBooks to your phone or other device.


What Types of Books are Free on Amazon?

All kinds, including graphic novels, classics, children’s educational, medical, science, language study, romance and mystery books. There are also a number of books that will periodically rotate through their free section (as part of a promotion or other event, such as Christmas). The free books listed by these searches will therefore change dramatically from day to day.


Recommended (Nonfiction) Books (click on the title to go directly to the book webpage, you may have to enter captcha codes to prove your not a robot):
Please note that the free eBooks list changes constantly, and that these books were free at the time of writing this post. However, there’s no guarantee that they will continue to remain free. Also, Kindle book prices vary according to country (which you can change or set in the Accounts & Lists>Manage Your Content & Devices section). For these books, I have my setting to “United States”. There are also a ton of fiction and children’s books that are free but I wouldn’t know what to recommend for these.


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