In the past, whenever friends asked for tips on how to save money dining out at restaurants, I would tell them about Fave and eatigo. Fave, which acquired Groupon earlier this year, has great restaurant voucher deals. They also have deals on other lifestyle categories including spas, salons, gyms, and travel. Eatigo, my other go-to discount dining app, gives you discounts depending on the time you dine. You get higher discounts (up to 60% off) when you dine off-peak. But for people who don’t like the hassle of using pre-paid vouchers or can’t shift their lunch hour to a later time, there’s another app that promises great deals with virtually no strings attached – Lobang King Club.  


What is Lobang King Club (LBK)?

Launched at the end of 2016, LBK is an app that compiles deals on everything from dining to travel, services, retail, education, attractions, and more. Some great features of the app include geo-location, which helps you identify deals nearest to you.


Just How Hot are their Hot Deals?

Under their “Hot Deals” section, you can find 1-for-1 deals, 60% off discounts, and even free giveaways. Here are 3 of the best deals I found when I first opened the app. Keep in mind that deals in the “Hot Deals” section are in limited quantities, with redemption on a first-come, first-serve basis. Because this app is relatively new and there are few users, deals might remain for days or weeks.


But don’t just restrict yourself to the “Hot Deals” section. There are other great deals elsewhere in the app, like these:


How Do You Redeem a Deal?

To redeem a deal, you press the “Kope” button, then ask the merchant’s staff to enter a 4-digit code in your mobile. It’s easy and quick.

For deals that have a “I Want This” button, you will have to read the terms and conditions on how to redeem the deal. For example, the 50% off Chicken Up lunch deal (pictured above) must be redeemed through HungryGoWhere. Fortunately, most LBK deals have a “Kope” option so redemption is pretty straight-forward, and doesn’t require additional steps or complicated terms.


What I Like/Dislike About LBK

Pros: There’s no need for pre-payment, no need to make reservations (for most of their deals), and you don’t have the hassle of using vouchers. If a deal is available and you want to use it, you can just decide on the spot. It’s not complicated, especially for the deals which you can “Kope”. 

The app has great location features, including locating deals nearest to you or to specific MRT Stations. There’s even a feature that shows you the nearest ATM or petrol station, which is quite useful.

Deals are also peer-reviewed, and if you submit your own review, you can earn points. According to the LBK website, these points can be used in the future to unlock better discounts.

Cons: The app is still a bit buggy at times. Some sections take longer to load. When browsing deals, I’ve gotten a few error messages, and have had to stop and restart the app several times for it to work again.

At this point in time, perhaps the biggest disadvantage is that there’s not a lot of partner merchants. The deals, therefore, are sparse.


My Experience Using the LBK App

I recently visited Mr Churro at ION Orchard to “Kope” a LBK deal from the “Hot Deals” section. I passed my phone to the staff and once she entered the code, I was able to purchase the item (churros with dip) for $2.50. The lady behind me in queue ordered the same item but she was charged full price ($5). 

It felt good getting the discount, and at that moment it did feel like I was a member to some secret society with insider tips. And then it became clear to me why it’s called Lobang King Club. 



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