Uber now delivers more than just passengers.

For several years, Foodpanda had somewhat of a monopoly in the food delivery service sector in Singapore. Now, it has to compete with Deliveroo (which came on board late last year) and with UberEATS, the new kid on the block, which started a few months ago. These 3 food delivery services make it so that we can save time and perhaps even some money (when we use offer codes and coupons such as the one below) without queuing or traveling long distances in the rain, all while satisfying our food cravings at home or in the office. There are several notable differences among the 3 service providers, even though they perform essentially the same task. I’ve summarised their differences in the graph below:


Food Delivery Options

Food Delivery ProviderMinimum SpendDelivery FeeVariety of RestaurantsDelivery TimeApp AvailableCan Pre-order
Foodpanda_logo_2$12 - $60$0 - $6largest variety30-45 minutes (average)
deliveroo-logo$25$3fewest choices, focused only on restaurants near you32 minutes (average)
uberEATS_logo_stacked-1$0$0 during promo period, after which will be $3 more than Deliveroo, less than foodpanda35 minutes (average)

I’ve tried all 3 services and here’s what I like about each one of them:

  1. Foodpanda has lots of choices and you can select restaurants that are quite far from you (though you will have to wait longer for delivery). This is great when you have cravings for a particular dish from a faraway restaurant and don’t feel like travelling.
  1. Deliveroo’s flat fee of $3 makes it so that all restaurants available to you can be evaluated on a common basis. In other words, the restaurants listed are all equal option in terms of how much delivery will cost; the only thing you need to consider (if you’re budget-conscious) are the menu prices of each restaurant.
  1. UberEATS has no minimum spending requirement. This is great for single diners who might not be able to meet minimum spending requirements. UberEATS also allows you to track in real time (just like Uber does) where the driver is so you know exactly how much time you have to finish that last email or assignment before your food arrives.

Here are some of their limitations:

  1. With Foodpanda, if you’re budget-conscious, it’s not easy to compare your options across different restaurants because their delivery fee and minimum spending requirements vary depending on the restaurant.
  1. With Deliveroo, your restaurant options are more limited, especially if you stay in an area with fewer restaurants that have partnered with Deliveroo.
  1. Currently, UberEATS has a limited service area that encompasses just the CBD and Orchard up to Novena and Bukit Timah. They are, however, in the process of expanding. So if you don’t stay or work in their service area currently, be patient as the service may soon come your way.

Here’s what you should keep in mind – remember that these are just providing a service/platform for you. They are not responsible for the quality or quantity of your food. Have I ever ordered food and then received a reduced portion (when compared to dining at the restaurant)? Yes. Have I ever received soggy or cold food? Yes. Has it taken longer to receive the food than what was indicated? Yes. These things will sometimes happen, but not very often. Unfortunately, it reflects badly on the service provided though it’s typically not their fault.

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Thank you for your continued support!

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