Never run out of reading material again! With PressReader (available on desktop and as an app), you have access to 6,000+ local and international newspapers and magazines. All you need is a hotspot if you’re using the app, or your NLB library account is you’re using the desktop version. How cool is that?

Why Should I Use PressReader?

Get access to over 6000 publications from over 100 countries in over 60 languages.

Previously known as Library PressDisplay, PressReader is an online database that provides access to over 6000 of the world’s leading newspapers and magazines from more than 100 countries all available for you to read and download (on your mobile). These digital versions are better than print as they have advanced features such as keyword searching, translation, audio functionality, and more. If you are using the app, once it’s downloaded onto your phone, it stays there with no expiration date (no late fee or need to return any of the issues). And of course, digital editions produce less environmental waste.

To create a PressReader account, you can sign in using Facebook, Google, Twitter, or email. The “Library Card” option is currently not available in this region.


What Types of Newspapers & Magazines are Available?

If you sort by Category, you’ll find plenty of publications on “Business & Current Affairs”, “Automotive”, “Art”, “Computers & Technology”, “Gaming”, “Health & Fitness”, “Parenting”, “Sports”, and much more! Here are some of PressReader’s most popular publications.

Popular Newspapers (international):

• The Washington Post
• The Guardian
• Bloomberg Businessweek (Asia)
• The Hindu
• New York Post
• The Los Angeles Times
Popular Newspapers (local):

• Today
• Straits Times*
• Business Times*
• Lianhe Zaobao*

*only available through the multimedia stations at NLB libraries.
Popular Magazines (international):

• Vogue
• Maxim
• Forbes
• GQ
• Cosmopolitan
• Reader's Digest
Popular Magazines (local):

• Her World
• Women’s Weekly
• Singapore Tatler
• Food and Travel (Singapore)
• Harper's Bazaar (Singapore)
• Young Parents


US$29.95 Unlimited Access Subscription?!?!?
How Do I Get It for FREE?

Yes, PressReader does have a paid version, but because we, Singaporeans, all have NLB accounts, NLB essentially pays for our subscription. Thus, we can enjoy full access of PressReader, complimentary and FOC, from NLB. Just log into the NLB (desktop) or open the PressReader app (you don’t need to sign into PressReader). And then, depending on how you are accessing PressReader, the next part is the tricky part:


When using PressReader on Desktop, go through the NLB website and Login.

If you’re using a desktop, go to the NLB website and hover over “eReads” in the main menu, then to “Latest eMagazines”/”Latest eNewspapers”. You’ll then need to log into your NLB Library ID account and then by clicking on a selected title, you will automatically enter the PressReader desktop site with full access. Please note that you cannot download issues on desktop; only the app allows for downloads and storage of issues.


This maps shows 46 of the 105 hotspots. To see more, you can zoom into a particular region.

If you’re using the app on mobile, you can only access the free subscription when you’re at a hotspot. There are over 100 hotspots, which include NLB libraries, hotels, and education centres. Here is a map showing some of the available hotspots. Once you’re at a hotspot, you do not need to login to access PressReader. You can just proceed to download. 


How to Know if You’re at a Hotspot

When you’re at a hotspot, there is a green coffee cup in the bottom right corner of the PressReader mobile app that is lit. When you select a newspaper or magazine to download, it will say “This issue brought to you courtesy of [hotspot sponsor]” and it will start to download.


Tricks and Tips (that I personally use)

I stay near a hotel and pass by several hotspots throughout my work day. But I don’t linger long enough for me to browse and download issues from PressReader. What I do instead is before my morning travels, I open the PressReader app and just have it sit in the background on my mobile. Once I pass through a hotspot, I am given a 3-hour window to download. Please note you don’t have to remain in the hotspot to keep this window open. Simply by passing through a hotspot, you will have activated the complimentary subscription and you can proceed to your destination to do your browsing and downloading. 

Here are some issues that I’ve recently downloaded.

To see a NLB video about PressReader, please click here.

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