In a recent study, e-commerce in Singapore is still booming and is predicted to expand by 11.2% annually for the next 5 years. Online shopping not only offers convenience, but it can save you both time and money. You can quickly find just about anything (even niche products), compare prices across many shops, and have your purchase delivered directly to your home in a timely manner.  The overhead of e-commerce companies is much lower compared to brick-and-mortar shops, which means you can often find the same item to be cheaper online than at a mall. And now, two of the largest e-commerce site in Singapore – Qoo10 and Shopback – have partnered up so that you can save even more money on online purchases. 


The Qoo10 x Shopback Launch

I’ve written in the past about the Qoo10 Marketplace and how you can find many items that are cheaper than other places, sometimes beating out other online shops like Amazon and Lazada. Qoo10 is the largest e-commerce site in Singapore, with twice as many visits as the second place holder, Lazada. Since that last article, Qoo10’s marketplace has grown to include even more products. And unlike other e-commerce sites, Qoo10 also has great deals on dining vouchers, delivered prepared meals, and local attraction tickets. 

I’ve also previously written about Shopback, an online shopping portal that gives you cash rebates. By having you click through their website to get to another e-commerce site, like Qoo10, Shopback earns a referral fee for your purchase, and they then split that fee with you. For example, if you buy a $10 item, the referral fee might be $0.50, and Shopback might split that by giving you $0.25 cashback. This means you’re actually paying $9.75 for the item.


How Much Cash Comes Back & How To Get It

Now that Qoo10 will be part of Shopback’s shopping portal, you can enjoy cashback just by going to Shopback and clicking through the Qoo10 link. This will open a new browser window that has a tracking cookie which will track your Qoo10 purchase. It’s important to stay within the same browser window when making your purchases. Otherwise, your transaction may not be properly tracked. This means the referral fee will not be paid to Shopback and you will not get a cut of it. 

Promo Period: 25 Sep – 8 Oct 2017
Shopback New Customers: 10% cashback capped at $10 (1% initial cashback, plus 9% bonus cashback, with bonus credited by 30 Nov).
ShopBack Existing Customers: 1% cashback, with no cap and no minimum spending required.
Standard Charter Exclusive Qoo10 Promo: 1% cashback plus an extra 1.5% cashback from Standard Charter when you purchase using their Unlimited Cashback Credit Card.


Shopback Sign Up Bonus

To get you started, sign up as a new user on Shopback by going to and get a $5 Sign Up Bonus + another $5 Cashback from making your first purchase.


Popular Items People Buy on Qoo10

Here are some items you can get on Qoo10. The image and link shows the current Qoo10 listed price. Your Shopback cashback amount will either be 1% or 10% (for new Shopback users) of this price.

1. Emicake D24 Durian Mooncakes with Free Delivery

Emicakes’ Signature Crystal Skin D24 Durian Mooncakes | 4 Choices | Free Delivery – $18.80

2. BBQ House 50 Satay Sticks

BBQ House 50 Sticks Raw Satay (Chicken/Mutton/Beef) with Free Peanut Sauce | Halal Certified – $11.99

3. Birkenstock (Authentic) Sandals

Authentic Birkenstocks | EVA Series – $45

4. Batam Ferry (2-way) Inclusive of Tax

SG/Batam – Majestic Fast Ferry 2-Way Ticket Including All Tax – $35.90

5. Enfagrow A+ (360DHA+PDX+Beta-Glucan) Milk Powder

Enfagrow A Milk Powder | Stage 2 through 5 – $69.80 – $82.80

6. iSteamboat Porridge Buffet Lunch

Daily Lunch Porridge Buffet with 24 Dishes + Ice Cream Buffet – $7.80


Why Use Shopback?

1. If you’re already making online purchases at one of the many e-commerce merchants like Qoo10, Lazada, Zalora, Sephora, Expedia, Taobao, Shopee and more, why not get a little money back for purchases you’re already making by going through Shopback’s portal and then making the purchase?

2. The cashback stacks on top of promo codes, coupons, and other discounts offered by the merchant. For Qoo10, these discounts include “Daily Deals”, “Time Sales” (limited-time offers) and “Q-Specials” (campaign offers).

3. The cashback transfers directly into your bank account or to your PayPal account.


Some Downsides to Using Shopback

1. The cashback sometimes takes up to 3 months before it is actually credited to your account. This is because some merchants require a rather-long “grace period” in case you return an item and get a refund. In that case, the e-commerce merchant doesn’t want to pay a referral fee to Shopback since the transaction was reversed. 

2. Sometimes your purchases are not tracked properly, and you will not get the cashback. Most often, this is because a person closes the window which contains the tracking cookie, and uses another window to make the final purchase. Remember that when the transaction isn’t tracked, Shopback will not receive the referral fee, and you also won’t get the cashback. In some cases, you might be able to claim “Missing Cashback” through Shopback’s “Help” menu tab (circled below). 


3. Perhaps the most insidious downside to using Shopback is that you might end up buying more than you planned to buy. Just like credit cards that give you rebates on purchases, such rewards might nudge you to buy more. There is the temptation that if you buy more, you save more. But in actuality, the less you buy, the more you save. To be frugal is to be mindful and intentional of how you spend your money. Because approximately 90% of what we buy becomes waste within 6 months, being frugal also means being sustainable.  

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