With all the sponcon out there, you never really know whether a product review was genuine or a paid endorsement. Buying and trying products yourself can be very expense, not to mention wasteful. That’s why I like to use sample portions when deciding on new products. But you don’t want to get just random samples; you want samples you’d actually use. That’s why I like “shopping” at the Sample Store.


Free Samples from the Sample Store

The Sample Store is part of Singapore Post, which means your items will ship quickly and it’s unlikely they’ll get lost in the mail.


Sample Store has a wide assortment of samples for skincare, makeup, haircare, household products, and even F&B. And yes, they are FREE, except that you will need to pay a small delivery fee.

The delivery fee is $5.99 for 4 samples.

I ordered from Sample Store way back in 2014, and did so again just recently. And I must say that their process and packaging has really improved since then! My recent order came “gift-wrapped” in this lovely ziplock pouch:

These are the products I ordered. I placed them against the package to give you an indication of their size.


These samples “cost” me 4 points. You get 8 points upon signup. But to continue to get free samples from Sample Store, you need to submit a short product review. For every review, you earn 1 point, which can be used to redeem more samples the next time.

Here is a graphic explaining the process, which was taken from their website:


I feel really bad when I toss out an entire tube of product because I had an allergic reaction to it. I also feel bad when I get samples of things (usually from goodie bags) that I really don’t need or want. But now there’s a store that allows you to “shop” for samples, where you can try before you commit. Kind of like dating.

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