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Honestbee, since their launch about a year ago, has rapidly gained popularity and has recently added more stores and restaurants to their platform. Their motto is speed, accuracy, and quality. They offer same-day delivery on your favourite grocery products, beverages, or meals from up to 21 different stores/restaurants (and counting), including NTUC, Cold Storage, The Butcher’s Dog, Jones the Grocer, Joe & Dough, Watsons, and even Ben & Jerry’s. Unlike other grocery delivery services, honestbee has 6 major advantages:

6 Major Advantages of Shopping through Honestbee

  1. They offer free delivery if you purchase at least $30 $50 of products. However, they recently started charging a concierge fee of up to $3.99. According to their website, this fee is to ensure that your handpicked groceries are obtained from a store near you to guarantee freshness and speed.
  1. Their prices exactly the same as if you were to go to the store yourself. Even when store advertised/promotional items are on sale and not reflected through honestbee‘s platform, you will still ultimately get charged the lower price. This is a really common scenario for NTUC’s “buy 2” discounts.
  1. You can schedule your delivery any time between 11am and 10pm, and honestbee’s delivery slots are only 1 hour long. The fastest you can go from checkout to delivery is 70 minutes. Though this is often not possible during peak hours (evenings and weekends). Sometimes the delivery may be a bit late. But if it’s more than an hour, the concierge will usually call you and check if it’s ok.
  1. They often have coupons and promo codes. As a former extreme couponer, I really appreciate the extra savings! Currently, they are running a promotion for
  • $12 free groceries for your first order with minimum spend of $100.
  • $15 off groceries using your Maybank Cards (for new honestbee customers only) with minimum spend of $80.
  1. Reordering is a cinch. You can review all your past orders, and can reorder with just one click. This is very helpful for people who need regular deliveries of supplies, such as diapers and baby food.
  1. One last advantage that I overlooked until I met with their Business Operations Manager is that honestbee also serves as a social enterprise that provides flexible work opportunities for the community. Since launching in July 2015, honestbee has engaged over a thousand Shopper Bees (as they are affectionately known) in Singapore and their workforce continues to grow each week, enabling Singaporeans from all walks of life to earn money on days and time slots that best suit their schedules. During peak times, Shopper Bees can earn up to $14 an hour (although, according to a recent Straits Times article, this rarely happens except during the Chinese New Year season). On average, Shopper Bees work 28 hours a week. They earn about $9.70 an hour, which is still higher than the part-time pay in similar industries. If you would like to apply to be a Shopper Bee and earn extra income on a flexible work schedule, you can apply here.

Honestbee helps save you time and money, while also providing jobs to the community, especially to those who are underemployed or those in need of flexible work arrangements. For me, they also are an energy saver. They help to deliver the heavy and bulky items, such as milk, rice, and paper products. There’s only one downside for using their service that I could think of. That is, you won’t get any loyalty rewards from membership cards (e.g., linkpoints, tapformore points, NTUC rebates). You will, however, get the Watson’s member discounts (even if you’re not a Watson’s member).

A Promo Code

If you use this referral link, you will get $10.00 off your first purchase. You will also be indirectly helping to support the cost of maintaining the Frugal in Singapore website!

5 Comments on Get Groceries, Snacks, Alcohol, Baby Supplies, or Your Next Meal Delivered to Your Home for Free with Honestbee – plus a $10 off code

  1. Hi
    Does that mean a new honestbee customer who spends $100 pays using maybank card and the referral link will enjoy discount of $15+$12+$20?

    • Hi Julie, you’re only allowed to enter one promo code (as far as I know, you cannot stack the discounts). To maximise the referral discount, I would make a separate order just for the $20 referral link, as you’re only required to purchase $30 for free delivery. You might want to check the Maybank promo code T&Cs if there’s a minimum spend requirement, but for the $12 discount, the minimum spend is $100.

  2. Thanks for sharing the referral code. I just tried it last night and it works! =) But in order to qualify, the minimum spending on the site is $80, and you will still be charged with $3 concierge fee – which means the actual discount is $17, which I think is still really great discount nonetheless.

    • Thank you Maria for using the referral code! Previously, there was no minimum spending requirement. I’m surprised they added this. But as you stated, $17 out of $80 (>20%) is still a good deal. Thank you again!

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