Whether you like it or not, the Paleo Diet is not going away any time soon. But one thing about it that is often overlooked in this whole Paleo Movement is the latter part, i.e., the movement part. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors often walked between 6 to 16km daily, and often while carrying their young, food, or other objects. This range is approximately 7,500 to 20,000 steps per day, assuming 1km = 1,250 steps. In our modern world of convenience and comfort, our sedentary lifestyle is simply making us sick. And unfortunately, our gym time doesn’t undo the negative effects of prolonged sitting. But the Health Promotion Board wants to challenge you to change this.


What is the National Steps Challenge™?

The National Steps Challenge™ is to encourage sustained daily physical activity with a goal of 10,000 steps. In its 3rd Season, the Challenge will run from 28 October 2017 to 30 April 2018. Participants who accept this challenge earn Healthpoints for their steps, as follows: 

5000 steps = 10 Healthpoints
7500 steps = 25 Healthpoints
10000 steps = 40 Healthpoints (daily maximum)

Steps must be synced with the Healthy 365 app at least once every 7 days to avoid losing step count data. The points can then be used to redeem sure-win prizes, such as shopping vouchers, at each Tier. There are 6 Tiers to complete. New and returning participants (those who had signed up in the 1st or 2nd Season) may qualify for Bonus Healthpoints upon sign-up and completing Tier 1.


Every day you accumulate 5,000 steps, 7,500 steps or 10,000 steps will earn you 1, 2 or 3 chances respectively to win prizes in the Grand Draw. Only points earned from 28 October 2017 to 31 March 2018 will count for sure-win prizes and Grand Draw chances. The Grand Draw will be held after 31 April 2018.


Where to Get Your Free Steps Tracker

If you don’t have a steps tracker, Health Promotion Board will give you one for FREE. This offer is only for Singaporeans & PRs who have signed up for National Steps Challenge™ Season 3 and who have not received the HPB steps tracker previously.


Option 1: You can collect at the following upcoming roadshows:


Option 2: You can also collect from Health Promotion Board

From 30 October to 16 December 2017, you may collect your tracker at the HPB Level 1 lobby area from 12pm to 8pm Monday through Saturday.

Health Promotion Board, Level 1 Lobby
3 Second Hospital Avenue, Singapore 168937

Option 3: Reserve online and collect at Post Office

Or, you can reserve one online and schedule an appointment for collection at selected Singapore Post Offices. You may reserve up to 3 trackers (for yourself and your family members).

You are also welcomed to use your own steps tracker, if it is compatible with the Healthy 365 app. Preferred apps and trackers include:

  • Actxa® app with Actxa® activity trackers
  • Samsung Health app with Samsung Gear wearables
  • Health Kit app with Apple Watch
  • Fitbit app with any Fitbit tracker

There is a step-by-step guide for pairing instructions. If you are collecting your tracker at a roadshow or at HPB, bring your smartphone so that someone can help you with setting up your tracker.


How Do You Sign Up?

Once you download the Health 365 app, you can register through your smartphone. Each smartphone can only be registered with one account. You can also sign up at any of the upcoming roadshows. 


If You Encounter Problems

If you’re new to the challenge, it’s best to sign up and get your tracker at a roadshow or at HPB. Sometimes the app, the tracker, or the pairing process, can be temperamental. If you experience problems with your tracker or have questions regarding the app, please check out the FAQs or get on-site help at a roadshow or at HPB. You may also contact HPB for further assistance: [email protected]  |  1800 567 2020.


Some Thoughts

There are so many physical and cognitive benefits of walking and of sustained exercise in general, especially to prevent or manage diabetes, high blood pressure, and weight gain. On the flip side, there are way too many harms of a sedentary lifestyle.

As a returning participant, the National Steps Challenge™ has also personally benefited me in other ways. Taking evening strolls with my hubby has strengthened our relationship. Just setting aside that time to walk together after dinner adds to our happiness levels (in addition to our step counts). We also have used the shopping voucher to go on “National Steps Challenge™-subsidised” dates.  

More than 500,000 Singaporeans in total have participated in the past seasons of the National Steps Challenge™. So why not join in the fun and be one of them?

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