Want your opinions to matter, or at least get paid for them?
(Source: YouGov SG website)

Do you have an opinion on the Trump presidency, or on our upcoming presidential elections? Do you feel strongly about a particular brand, product, service provider, or public figure? YouGov is a worldwide online survey platform that is completely legit, and I have been personally using it for almost a year. There are tons of survey sites that say they will pay you for your opinions or reviews, but beware that many of these are scams where instead of allowing you to earn money, you end up spending it (e.g., they may try to sell you something, such as a membership fee to continue taking their surveys).

There are also scam sites that collect your personal data, including bank account details, and then sell it on the online black market. YouGov is neither of these, your information is confidential, and you can choose to have your payment sent via Paypal so they won’t have direct access to your bank account details.

Do you have to pay to join?

No, it’s free. Anyone age 16 and above can join. Just create an account (click here) or use your Facebook account to login. yougov

How much have you made?

So far, about $100. I’ve done around 60 surveys ($50) and participated in one focus group ($60). Below is a $25 payment receipt from Paypal. paypal-yougov

How long are the surveys?

Typically, they take me 3 to 5 minutes to complete, with the longest around 15 minutes (but these don’t come often). When you first get started, it might take you longer but soon you’ll get used to their questioning style and format. You can set your survey frequency (how often you are notified of a new survey). Mine is set to weekly.

  • 1 survey = 5 minutes
  • 1 survey = 100 – 300 points
  • 5000 points = $25


What are the survey topics?

Most of the surveys I’ve taken are on the following:

  1. brands (e.g., telcos, electronics, fashion, retailers/shops)
  2. financial habits (e.g., banks, credit, credit cards, insurance, shopping/online shopping, financial products, saving/spending habits).
  3. public interests specific to this nation (the local economy, housing affordability, jobs, public figures, awareness campaigns)

likert-scale The surveys use “Likert-style” psychometric scales. You also commonly have the option to choose “not applicable” or “prefer not to say”. For all of these surveys, there’s no right or wrong answer. You can also choose not to participate in a particular survey.

Is it secure/confidential?

Yes, according to their website and privacy policy. They won’t even share your email address with anyone else. The survey data is anonymised and aggregated.

Who pays for these surveys?

According to the YouGov website, the funding comes mostly from marketing companies, media groups, and institutions who want to measure a group’s collective opinion without influencing it. They try to be as unbiased as possible in the way they design their surveys.

Recent Singaporean issues & policies that have been surveyed by YouGov:

  • Use of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s house. Click here to see their survey results infographic.
  • Thoughts on Singapore Budget 2016. Click here to see their survey results infographic.
  • Singapore 3rd party taxi apps. Click here to see their survey results infographic.
  • Pokemon GO
  • Climate change

There are other topics on which people from all over the world give their opinion, and it’s fun looking at the poll results on everything from TV viewing habits to most admired people in the world.


It’s simple to get started and your opinion will help to shape important policies and issues.

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    • To be honest, I haven’t really looked into other survey sites, mainly because I’m leery of paid online surveys. But this one was introduced to me by a very reputable source, which was why I decided to try it.

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