“Full of thick hair” is usually a compliment meant only for the top of your head or maybe for a specific facial feature. It is usually not a compliment when it is said about other parts of the body. Especially in our hot climate, it can be uncomfortable if you’re hirsute. When it comes to hair removal, some people feel more comfortable doing the deed themselves. Others want a more professional touch at a salon. Some salons can charge upwards of $200 depending on where and how much hair you want removed. Here’s where you can get the salon hair removal experience for free.


Becoming a Body Waxing Model

I previously wrote a post about how a person can become a brow & lash model at Spa Esprit Academy, the training school for Browhaus. This article will cover the other training school under Spa Esprit Academy – Strip.  Like the Browhaus training school, Strip trainees also are in need of “models” to perform services on while under supervision.


Strip Training Academy Free Services

Strip training academy offers waxing of all body parts (legs, arms, underarms, face, chest, and back). They also offer waxing and shaping of the nether regions (Brazilians and Boyzilians, which is the male equivalent). For detailed descriptions of these services, please click here.

From the initial consultation to the aftercare treatment, the service you get is exactly the same as their (full-priced) retail outlets. The only difference is that the service takes more time (sometimes up to 3 hours for a full body waxing session) but in exchange, you won’t have to pay for it.

For females, waxing of the nether regions is performed by other females. Males, on the other hand, might be waxed by other males or by females (yes, even for Boyzilians).


How to Get There

Spa Esprit Academy is located at 60 Jalan Penjara, S149375. Please note that Jalan Penjara is off of Margaret Drive; don’t go by way of Swettenham Road because it does not connect and you can’t cross through on foot.


Heading into the office and towards the left end of the building, there is a “Model Refreshment Corner” waiting area with water and biscuits. There’s no aircon in the waiting area, so it can be quite warm. The salon-style treatment rooms, however, do have aircon (but I was not allowed to photograph them). 


What to Expect

If you’ve never had body hair removed with hot wax by the roots, well I’m not going to lie. It’s painful.

If you’re getting your nether regions tidied up by a therapist, for newbies it can be a bit embarrassing. The Strip trainer at the academy assured me that “if you’re shy and nervous about it, just know they [the trainees] are too.” She even said that they can be so focused on their training, they won’t even pay much attention to your face. “They likely would not recognise or remember you if they saw you later on the street,” she said.

During the training session, there might be more than one trainee attending to you. Sometimes, if there are too few models, there might be a swarm of 3 or 4 trainees plus a teacher surrounding you. You might feel at times like a lab specimen who is “on display” for a bunch of strangers. 

As for the actual hair removal process, a trainee will wear gloves and apply wax on the patch of hair you want removed. After that, a muslin cloth is placed on top of the wax. The trainee will press down for a few seconds, hold the skin taut, then pull the strip away in one sharp tug.

If you’re getting your nether regions waxed, the trainee might accidentally brush up against certain private parts. If there is unnecessary or prolonged contact, the trainer is responsible for stepping in and correcting the trainee. Though sometimes, the contact is necessary but be assured that it lasts only for a few seconds.

This process is more challenging for males getting Boyzilians. Because the process involves contact with sensitive areas, is it common for male body parts to unintentionally salute.


Upon removal of the cloth strip, the trainee will immediately press down on the skin to dull the pain. If there are any stray hairs at the end of the session, these might be removed using tweezers. After the session, a bit of redness is normal and this may last a few hours. If you later experience unusual skin reactions, the academy wants you to report them as part of your feedback, even if it’s a day or two later.

The academy and their trainers, through many years of experience, have seen it all. They will usually know when something is not right and can advise you.


How Do You Become a Model?

In addition to being age 18 and above, you must meet certain requirements, depending on which service you going for. If you are pregnant or nursing, have certain skin conditions like eczema, or are taking certain medications (including topical medications and over-the-counter medications), you might not be a candidate for some treatments.

Spa Esprit Academy’s training schedule is continually updated online (you can view their training schedule here). Once you determine which treatment you wish to undergo you can SMS/WhatsApp 9647 5626 to book an appointment. Please include the following details: Name, Mobile, Treatment, Date & Time. Allow for 3 working days to confirm your appointment.

Once your appointment is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled. You are required to find a replacement model for your slot if you are unable to attend. Models who cancel at the last minute or do not find a replacement may be banned from making future appointments.


Useful Tips & Some Thoughts

The skill of the trainee can significantly impact your experience and your level of comfort. If your pain tolerance is low, then you probably would prefer a trainee who is more experienced. The only way to know this is to choose the last day or last time slot of their training session. For example, if the trainees are scheduled to perform Brazilians for three days, opt for an afternoon appointment on the third day. 

As mentioned in prior posts, there are many subsidised or free services in which you can be a model. I’ve written previously about Kimage Hairdressing School, where you can get the entire hair cut and style experience starting at just $6. These training sessions, in my experience, are comparable in quality to full-priced services. They do, however, require a bit more of your time and patience.

Spa Esprit Academy
60 Jalan Penjara
Singapore 149375

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