Just a few decades ago, only the very wealthy were fortunate enough to have personal shoppers and “go-fers” who ran errands for them. In today’s on-demand gig economy, now anyone from a working mum to a full-time caregiver can have a personal shopper. Honestbee provides these services, and they’ve just opened a new online shop called Family Market. Family Market provides for all your family essentials, at “the day’s best price”, saving you both time and money! There are absolutely no markups, so even if the retail store price is higher, you’ll get “the day’s best price” online through Honestbee.


What is Family Market?

Family Market is honestbee’s new online shop that takes care of all your family’s everyday essentials, from diapers, milk powder, and baby wipes, to cleaning supplies, health and beauty products, and staple foods like rice, noodles, and cereal. Honestbee selected these commonly recurring items from various sources and selectively organised them into a one-stop, quick-and-easy online shop.



Why Use Honestbee?

I’ve written previously about my experience using honestbee, but to sum it up into a nice graphic, here’s why I continue to use them today:


What is “Today’s Best Price”?

Here’s another reason why you might want to get your essentials from Family Market: honestbee gives you the best price for that day. This means you don’t have to track promotions, read the newspaper ads, or use services like diffmarts to compare prices.

But just in case you were wondering, here’s some comparisons of items from Family Market using diffmarts. The first photo is an item from Family Market, followed by the diffmarts search results for that same item. As you can see, the three random items I chose were all the cheapest at Family Market. For common commodities such as these, price is typically the number one differentiator for buying decisions.

Gerber Applesauce from Family Market
Diffmarts search results for Gerber Applesauce
Wyeth Promil Gold 2 from Family Market
Diffmarts search results for Wyeth Gold Promil 2
Milo Econo Pack Cereal from Family Market
Diffmarts search results for Milo Econo Pack Cereal

I really like having a one-stop online shop where I can get my recurring staples. The Honestbee Family Market, though, doesn’t have a lot of items or choices. I hope that in the future, there will be more items in their Family Market collection, like sauces, cooking oil, and some fresh produce.


Get $10 Off Your First Order

For those who have not yet tried getting your groceries (or food delivery) from Honestbee, here’s a $10 promo code. This promo code also gives us a $10 credit. So by using this code, you’ll be supporting this ad-free website, its content, and its content creators (thank you!).

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