Board games can be really fun and engaging, especially because of the social interactions. They can also be educational too, turning dry boring lessons into memorable and entertaining experiences. Praxis is such a board game. It aims to teach children as well as adults some important financial lessons. Read on to find out how you can request a gameplay session.


My Praxis Gaming Experience

Normally, things like buying insurance and funding your savings / retirement account can be boring or daunting. These are generally not topics that make people enthusiastic or excited to learn more. But they are a part of life. So are things like job loss, becoming disabled, and losing money on your stock market investments.

From earning income, upskilling through education, being properly insured, buying property, and setting aside funds for emergencies and for retirement, Praxis exposes players to financial concepts in a more enjoyable way. And unlike other financial board games, it takes into account macroeconomics and the business / economic cycles. In fact, this boom-bust cycle is the engine of the game.

Winning the game involves finishing with the most amount of resources. Although I “won” the game against the other three players, the takeaway lessons were still strongly implanted. And I didn’t really feel like a triumphant winner because luck played a huge part in it. This is also the same with life.

The most powerful message about this game is that you’re always just a few moves from financial ruin. You start out as a “trainee” with a modest salary and work your way up to higher paying jobs. But (and this is a big but) only if you can land a job, which is dependent on the economic cycle you are in.

If you happen to fall sick but you don’t have insurance, you might end up with high medical expenses that force you into debt.

If you happen to have investment property, that property is not merely a “cash cow” as many Singaporeans seem to think. Like any other investment, it is subject to risk. In the game, you can lose it completely due to a natural disaster (which is not unlike real life) or it can depreciate significantly (if you bought during a boom cycle, but have to sell in a recession because of a job loss).

I’m not going to go into details about the gameplay or the rules here, as I feel that part of the fun is learning how to play. You’ll just have to experience it for yourself. Let me just say that it can be a really fun way to spend the evening with your family and friends. Or to make new friends, as I did.


How to Arrange for Your Own Praxis Gameplay

Founded 15 years ago by Singaporeans, The Praxis Company currently uses its game to conduct financial education workshops throughout this region. It collaborates with financial services firms, schools, universities and corporations. Currently, Praxis is not available for individuals to buy. However, you can contact the company to arrange for a gameplay session. Here’s how:

Gather your team (the game requires 3 or more players) or colleagues or classmates, and get in touch with the The Praxis Company here. If you think your company / school might be interested, you can pass their contact information to your HR department.




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