PM Lee’s May Day message1 was a call to action for us “to adapt, to embrace the change, to pick up new skills and take on better jobs.” Today, lifelong learning and upskilling are essential for staying relevant and mitigating risks in Industry 4.0. Our government offers many schemes and resources to help us do this. And as PM Lee said, “you should take full advantage of them.” One such resource is NLB’s LyndaLibrary.

LyndaLibrary is an eLearning courseware that offers an on-demand library of instructional videos. With 5,700 classes and 255,000 video tutorials, in 2015 there were more than 4 million users on Regular monthly membership cost US$25 a month, and premium is at US$37.50. But through NLB’s LyndaLibrary, you can access these courses for free.

But, currently it is limited to 150 concurrent users at any given time. And once you’re logged in (as one of the 150), there is no limit to the number of online training courses that you can access/download.


Types of Courses offered through LindaLibrary

The most popular course categories include business, design, and technology. Here’s a screenshot of their course catalog, sorted by popularity.

Lynda also provides personalised course recommendations and “learning paths” to meet a certain objective.


Downloading for Offline Use & Using the App

Because the access is limited to 150 concurrent users, it’s wise to download the course for offline viewing. That way, you won’t need an internet connection, or be one of the 150 users. Also, once you download the videos, they’re yours and they don’t expire.

To download the videos, you must also download the app. Lynda has both a desktop and mobile app.

I recommend using the desktop app (initially for the setup process) since it’s easier to manage multiple windows. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Using your desktop browser and go to NLB website, then log in to LyndaLibrary using your NLB account.
  2. Keep the browser open and stay logged in. Then use another tab to download the app. Since I’m using Windows, I chose the “Download Windows App”, and then installed it.
  3. Once you open the newly installed app (and you’re still logged into NLB LindaLibrary on your browser) choose “1-click login”. You do not need to create a separate account.

A more detailed list of steps can be found here.

The app doesn’t have the full features of the website. Some of the features it’s missing include transcripts, exercise files, and bookmarks. So if your course has exercise files, be sure to also download these (from the NLB LindaLibrary) in addition to the videos.


– – – –

Last year, I took a course on Udemy and paid US$15 for it (Udemy charges on a per course basis). Normally, I try to take courses on Coursera, because they’re free (if you choose to audit). But this particular course I took was not offered on Coursera. However, a similar course is offered on Lynda, which I can now take for free through NLB. And I’m not limited to just taking one course. I can take as many as I’d like and go at my own pace!

Ever wondered how good you’d be at photography, coding, or designing? Or what the terms “SEO”, “cyber security” and “big data” are all about? Well, now’s your chance to find out.

And it won’t cost you a thing. So do “take full advantage of it”!



  1. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s 2018 May Day message  
  2. What LinkedIn’s Acquisition of Means for Users


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