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Use this chart to find the best cinema deals.

As ticket prices for some cinemas have recently increased, more and more people are trying to find good deals. Finding the cheapest option can be quite confusing since each cinema chain has different pricing tiers, promotions, and terms. If you want to get a good deal ($7 and under), I’ve created this easy-to-use chart that summarises all the current promotions. The prices on the chart are valid for all of 2014, unless otherwise specified.


2014 Movie Ticket Deals

Singapore movie ticket promotionsPromotions on this chart are categorised by day and price, since these are often the two primary considerations people use to search for movie ticket deals. Within each day-price combination, a promotion is displayed directly underneath the cinema’s logo. For example, “55+” is a promotion specifically for seniors.

Any additional terms or restrictions, such as time restrictions or promotion end dates, will appear at the bottom. For example, Golden Village offers tickets at $6.50. This promotion is for “GV Movie Club” members, and is available on “Tuesdays only” (additional restriction).

For 1-for-1 deals, the price that is quoted is the per person price.

Please note that promotions on this chart are for regular 2D screenings and that the rules do not apply on Public Holidays and the eves of Public Holidays. Other special screenings, such as “GV Mums and Babies” and “GV Catch Up Movies”, although under $7, were omitted from this chart because these occur only at designated cinemas and on designated dates.

For free movie screenings, please see my previous article entitled “Watch Movies For Free“.

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