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The “Uber” of on-demand services.

Until recently, the burden of finding a home service provider, whether it’s a handyman, car repair technician, computer repair technician, mover, babysitter, personal trainer, or private chef, had long been placed on those requesting the service. Not so anymore! Nowadays, if you need a home-based service, instead of Googling or searching through Gumtree or Craigslist ads, you can place a job request through a new app called Page Advisor and service providers will come to you. Page Advisor, which just launched a couple of months ago, has already earned a reputation as “an Uber for on-demand services.”

With Page Advisor, you can easily hire local service providers who specialise in any one of the 100+ home and lifestyle specialisations across 39 different categories. In addition to setting up a service appointment and negotiating a price, payment is also conveniently done through the app itself. To protect consumers and maintain a certain standard level of service, all of the service providers are vetted by Page Advisor and must be registered companies in Singapore. And like other peer-to-peer matching apps, Page Advisor also allows you, the consumer, to rate the service provider.


What kind of services can you find on Page Adviser?

The app has common and popular services that many Singaporeans need, like painting, home/office cleaning, moving, car grooming, and delivery (for both food & courier service), but it also has other more specialised and unusual services such as Reiki healing, queuing, home massage, balloon sculpting, dog walking, and pet cremation. You can also create your own service by requesting a general “ad-hoc task”.


How does it work?

When you need a service, you will fill out a job request through the app. Depending on the type of service you need, you will then answer a few basic questions. These questions are regarding the scope of the job, duration and date(s) of service or delivery. You also have the option of taking a photo to include with your job request. This may be very useful for things like home repair or aircon servicing.

Service providers will then bid for your business over a designated bidding period, ranging from a few hours to a few days. The app will notify you as bids come in and then list all the obtained bids according to price. You can then choose to accept a bid, or simply close the job request. By placing a job request, you are under no obligation to accept a service provider’s bid. Within the first couple weeks of its launch, Page Advisor received over 1000 job requests and over 3000 bids from service providers. Since then, that number has grown significantly.


My Experience:

I have personally used the app twice (though have only accepted one job request). And I found it to be very easy to use. For me, one of the best benefits from using the app is that I get a feel for what the going rate of a particular service is. This is useful as a customer, and also useful if you happen to be a service provider yourself. For example, I recently had my aircon units serviced and the technician said one unit was 50% “chocked”. He quoted me $120 for a chemical cleaning of that aircon unit.

I searched the web for other aircon servicing companies to compare prices. But I found that most companies do not openly publish their chemical cleaning prices online. There were some forums in which people discussed prices of similar services, but many of these forum entries were outdated. I ended up having to call around to get quotes. I could have saved a ton of time and energy had I known about this app earlier. So was $120 per unit a reasonable price for a chemical cleaning?

Through Page Advisor, I found another company that was charging only $30 (as part of a promotion) for the same or similar service. Of course, the cheapest bid or offer may not always be my best option. But at least now, I have a better idea of what the range of prices are. And I have the option of choosing a less expensive provider if I so desired. The app is currently in beta form, so it has some glitches.

One thing that can be a bit annoying is that the app will notify you whenever special promotions from specific providers come up. Currently, I have not found a way to turn off these notifications. But I hope this feature will be added in the near future.

Free Credit:

If you want to try their services, you can get $10 in FREE credit by using the promo code: PA_CDBZ34172 upon accepting a bid. Upon completion of your first job request, $10 will be credited to your account. (Disclosure: this is my personal referral code. And by using it, you’ll also be helping me out and also helping to keep this blog going. Thank you!)

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