PA classes
Pick up new hobbies & skills while making new friends.

Now is your chance to learn how to play the guitar, make cheese, kayak, line dance, draw, sew, perform 13 various martial arts, meditate, cook Nonya cuisine, or teach your dogs new tricks. The People Association is offering 2000 free courses for you to upgrade yourself. Note that these are only open to Singaporeans and PRs, and registration is through the respective CCs or Water-Venture (WV) Outlets on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For a complete list of courses, please click here and download the PDF. The free courses are offered from now until September. Each resident can register for a maximum of 3 courses. However, if you do not show up for any course without a valid reason, your remaining booking under this offer may be cancelled.

Also, do note that you have to register for your course over the counter at the particular CCs or WV Outlets that offer the course. Online registration is not available for these free courses. Don’t forget to bring your IC.

In addition, PA will offer a free SG50 commemorative PAssion Card for non-members who  sign up for courses at the CCs/WV outlets. This offer is valid from now till 30 September 2015.

So why not take this opportunity to pick up new hobbies and skills, and make new friends? What new talent or skill will you uncover?

PA free courses

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